A Buggy Buffet and the Chamber of Horrors


No one really likes Mondays. After all, it’s the beginning of another long work week.

Take a few people Monday morning at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre. About 6 employees were nominated by their peers to take part in a fundraising challenge for the United Way that would leave most people’s skin crawling.

Those are live little worms in the champagne glass.

The Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign, Great Lakes Forestry Centre will hosted its 3rd Annual Fear Factor Event to help raise money for the United Way.

6 lucky people who gained the most nominations worth $5 a piece had to chow down on the Buggy Buffet and be “tortured” in the Chamber of Horrors. The Buggy Buffet includes a delightful assortment of several recipes infused with bug related items which the lucky nominees will gulp down. The Chamber of Horrors involves blindfolding the nominees and sticking their head in a plexy glass box apparatus (as seen on the Amazing Race Canada). An assortment of different critters will be added to the box and the nominee will endure the excitement for 2 minutes. The one hour event raised over $1,000 for the United Way campaign.

On Tuesday December 20, 2017,  Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry are hosting their 2nd Gingerbread House Build at 70 Foster Drive, Roberta Bondar Building 2nd floor Mezzanine 1pm to 3 pm.

Participants enjoyed about 6 different dishes