Alberta boy, 6, honoured for quick action after diabetic mother collapses


EDMONTON — A six-year-old boy has been commended for his quick response when his diabetic mother collapsed in their Edmonton home earlier this year.

Ronan Male squirted a juice box into his mom’s mouth after she woke with low blood sugar and fell out of bed on May 10.

The two were alone because Ronan’s father was out of town at the time.

Denise Male managed to dial 911, but Ronan provided the necessary information to the operator and stayed on the line until an ambulance arrived.

He then told paramedics what they needed to know about what had happened.

Alberta Health’s Emergency Medical Services presented Ronan with an award during an assembly at St. Angela Catholic School, where he is in Grade 1.

“This young man’s actions demonstrate what a child is capable of, even in an emergency,” public education officer Alex Campbell said Monday.

“We are thankful this story had a positive outcome and I am proud of Ronan, as I am sure his parents are. Denise needed emergency care as fast as possible and she received it thanks to Ronan’s actions.”

“When I went to bed the night before, I did everything like usual, had a snack and checked my sugars,” said Ronan’s mother, 48.

The next thing she remembers is waking up to find paramedics in the living room.

Monica Grela, the officer who responded to the 911 call, said Ronan was “incredibly calm and helpful. He knew exactly how to react to an emergency.”

Ronan’s parents had taught him what to do if his mother had low blood sugar and was “acting funny.”

“When Ronan was about 3 1/2, we started teaching him what to do in an emergency and he has watched his dad help me when my sugars were low,” said Male. “We didn’t want to scare him but wanted him to understand what was going on and how he could help.”

“Ronan saved his mom’s life,” said Associate Health Minister Brandy Payne.

The Canadian Press