Celebrating Success: 2017 Premier’s Award Nominees


Each year, Sault College proudly nominates remarkable Sault College alumni for the prestigious Premier’s Award. Earlier this week at the Higher Education Summit, these nominees – along with nominees from Colleges across the province – were honoured for the outstanding contributions they make in Ontario and throughout the world. Premier’s Awards were presented in six categories: Business, Community Services, Creative Arts and Design, Health Sciences, Recent Graduate and Technology.

“Sault College is thrilled to have the opportunity to highlight extraordinary alumni through the annual Premier’s Awards,” said Dr. Ron Common, Sault College President. “This year, we chose to nominate and celebrate two alumni who have amazing success stories. We are honoured and proud to share in their stories and to have played a role in helping to shape their professional lives.”

Sault College’s 2017 Premier’s Award Nominees:

John Dedes – Forestry Technician, 1985 & Geological Engineering Technician, 1986
Through his commitment and contribution to the sciences of entomology and biology at the Great Lakes Forestry Centre, John Dedes has made direct impact on the Canadian and global forest research field by developing and improving methodologies to control forest pests and protect our natural resources.
By creating and developing the Entomica Insectarium, John has created an access point to the fields of Entomology and Biology for all life-long learners.

John has been recognized by his peers in both scientific and business circles, and continues to be a trailblazer in the Sault Ste. Marie community.

Patrick Hunter – Graphic Design, 2011
Born a two-spirit Ojibway, in the Red Lake District and growing up in the small community of Madsen, in Northwestern Ontario, Patrick Hunter is a successful freelance artist, graphic designer and business owner, with his own design company; Patrick Hunter Art & Design, launched in 2014.

Patrick’s leadership ability, creative spirit and commitment to community have led to roles in the Junior Economic Club of Canada conference in Toronto, the eBay Canada Fall Designer Collaboration charity program, and community workshops for youth in his home town.