City continues negotiations with paramedics’ union

ambulance paramedics
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Collective bargaining continues between the City and Unifor Local 1359, the union representing the City’s paramedics.

The City values the important work paramedics do, and continues to negotiate an agreement in a responsible manner within a Council mandate that is fair to its employees and affordable for the citizens of Sault Ste. Marie.

Community safety continues to be a priority. Ambulance services will continue during contract negotiations. The City is committed to working through the bargaining process to find common ground to effect an acceptable agreement between the parties. Both the City and the Union will meet a conciliation officer in January 2018.

The contract for the City of Sault Ste. Marie Emergency Medical Services’ represents 54 paramedics that work in the EMS Division of the Sault Ste. Marie Fire Services ended in March 2017.

General information will be available to the public as appropriate.


  1. When I read this article it didn’t surprise me much that the city is again putting emergency services on the back burner with contract negotiations. I’ve heard that the firefighters are not months but at least a couple years behind in their contracts.
    Does the city not know how to properly negotiate with their employees and produce fair bargaining? It seems that their are substantial amounts of money being used to battle these unions rather that come up with fair bargaining.
    Maybe Shoemaker can put forward a resolution to look into whether or not these are the proper folks to be performing these bargaining proceedings.
    These people are our lifelines in times of trouble and they should be treated with respect. I would bet that the city offered next to nothing to these folks who go out day after and deal with situations that leave long lasting scars. Yes, and I hear those of you who say, “they don’t have to do it”. Will you then be the ones to step up into their shoes? Emergency workers are proud and dedicated people doing work that others would never dream of getting involved with.
    They are only asking for fair contracts that match the norm around our province. Otherwise we will start to lose these valuable people who choose to put themselves out there.

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