Doug Millroy: 2017 Darts & Laurels


LAUREL: To Joanne McNally, Donna Kreutz, Lori Kay and Sharon Swain for their assistance in helping this adopted person find his biological roots. Once Joanne appeared as a DNA match on AncestryDNA, everything seemed to fall into place, confirming that my roots on my biological mother’s side were, of all things, in Newfoundland, my biological father’s in Ontario.

DART: To Ward 6 Coun. Joe Krmpotich for casting the sole vote against a resolution calling for the city to once again attempt to get out from under an Ontario Labour Relations Board decision that makes the city one of only five municipalities in the province that have the designation of being a construction employer, meaning only union firms can bid on city contracts. Because of his union background he could have abstained or declared a conflict. If he was going to vote, it should have been on behalf of all the residents of this city, rather than just his union brothers and sisters

DART: To Sault MPP Ross Romano for not coming out forcefully, he hasn’t come out at all, in support of the city’s quest to have the OLRB decision, which has been in place for 30 years, reversed. How long can he hide in the weeds on this issue?

LAUREL: To city police Constables David Guizzetti and John Mclean who stopped while on patrol to shovel the driveway of an elderly woman who was struggling with the snow during a heavy snowfall in mid-November. It obviously is not going to be an everyday thing, but the officers should be recognized for helping an elderly member of the community in need at that moment.

DART: To the Canadian government for its decision to sit out the vote in the United Nations against  the plan initiated by President Donald Trump to move the United States embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The vote was 128 to 9 against the move and Canada was remiss in not standing against it as it undoubtedly will cause further unrest in the Middle East.

LAUREL: To Clyde Healey, who was recognized by the Senate of Canada for his community service, which includes serving as commanding officer of the 49th Field Regiment, chair of Canadian Games for the Physically Disabled, vice chair of Workplace Safety North and Sault Ste. Marie Museum board member. Healey spent five years with the air cadets and then served as an officer with the Navy League of Canada for two years before joining the 49th (Sault Ste. Marie) Field Regiment in 1967. He served as commanding officer from 1980 to 1984 and again from 1993 to 1999.

LAUREL: To the unsung volunteers who man the Christmas Cheer depot, their unselfish donation of their time and effort  ensuring that many Sault Ste. Marie families get to enjoy a far happier Christmas than they otherwise would.

DART: To those doctors across the country who have been too loose with their prescribing of opioids, therefore becoming part of the problem rather than the solution as their patients become addicted to the subscription drugs. Michael Heitshu, chairman of the Coalition for Safe and Effective Pain Management, said more than 19 million prescriptions were written for opioids in Canada last year. This can’t continue.

DART: To Shaw Cable’s community news operation for removing Bill Montague from his analyst’s position alongside Gino Cavello during the telecast of Soo Greyhounds’ home games. Although some may not like Montague’s tell-it-like-it-is stance, being an opinion columnist I look on it as part of his appeal and there is no disputing the fact that over the past eight years he provided honest insights into the games that greatly assisted his audience.

DART: To city council for not passing a resolution prohibiting councillors from becoming chair of community organizations in which they are there as city representatives. This should have been an immediate response when Ward 5 Coun. March Bruni was asked by Eric Hoskins,  the provincial Minster of Health and Longterm Care, to resign from his position as chair of Algoma Public Health as a result of the scandal that enveloped the agency in 2015.

LAUREL: To Phil Olendy and Ron Harrison for their feeding of the ducks at Station Mall as the harsh winter months of 2016-17 lingered on.

DART: To all stores who advertise buy one, get 50% off the second. This, of course, works out to 25% off the total transaction. I find it annoying that these retail outlets think we are so stupid that we can’t figure out what they are doing.

LAUREL: To Maggie Willis, the Johnson Township resident who was selected Citizen of the Year by the Bruce Mines and District Chamber of Commerce. Willis was the first female mayor of Bruce Mines and has served on many committees, the Horticultural Society, Bruce Mines Beautification, the Chamber of Commerce, Canada Day, The Holy Walk, minor hockey and home and school groups. She has also organized events such as Heritage Day, Copperfest and Winterfest, leaving few groups in the area that she hasn’t touched in her 28 years in the region.



  1. Ok here we go:
    Love Doug’s Column but this week there is a couple of things that don’t make sense to me in his column.
    1st, he doesn’t like the fact that Joe Kromptich votes against a resolution calling for the city to once again attempt to get out from under an Ontario Labour Relations Board decision that makes the city one of only five municipalities in the province that have the designation of being a construction employer, meaning only union firms can bid on city contracts. Joe was just voting the way he felt was the right way for this city. Then he throws a dart at the Dr. that prescribe pain relievers to people that desperately need it. There are 36 million people in Canada and the number of prescriptions given out figure out to just over half the population. Don’t forget that those prescriptions are also refills and aren’t given to 19 million different people. I don’t like the fact that they are addictive but a lot of these people desperately need them to dull the pain. There are heart surgery patients, cancer patients and many more people with ailments that require this medicine.
    I loved Bill Montegue’s colour commentary when he was with Gino Cavello and also loved his Tuesday morning rants on the Sault Star website. Its ok for Bill to state his opinion but not Joe Kromptich. Come on Doug, keep it straight and keep on writing. You are definitely one of the best. “That is just my opinion and I’m going to state it

    • Sorry, Mike, I’m with Doug for the Joe Kromptich dart, Joe said he would never cast a vote against a union. He didn’t say he was doing what he thought was best for the city, so we can’t say it for him. His job and that specific vote were an obvious conflict of interest and he should have recused himself.

      I also agree with his dart for Opiods, He didn’t say 19 million separate people were prescribed these drugs, of course some people need them, but it is a crisis, not just in Canada but here in the Soo. Haven’t you followed the alarming rate of OD calls in town? It’s because of opioids, straight up fact. So many young people have died young from this sad fact in the Soo. Sometimes the first time a young person is persuaded to try fentanyl -it is the last thing they do, because it is so powerful they overdose and die. These kids aren’t being prescribed it, they are buying it from someone who is and doesn’t need it and is willing to sell it. Doctors are the front line of curbing this crisis by making sure it is prescribed to those who truly need it and dry up the street market for it and save some young lives.
      I’m not into sports – so I have nothing to add there. LOL.

  2. Laurel: to Doug Milroy for providing the darts and laurels…always enjoyable and right to the point.
    Dart: to those drivers
    on Wellington East that think we have 2 lanes in winter…wake up…its only one and a half now.

  3. Thank you Mr. Millroy. Great to see.

    Maybe we can add our own?

    Laurel- Matthew Shoemaker for thinking outside the box and spearheading the bid for Amazon.

    Dart- To the thugs that spray painted the Community Soup Kitchen delivery van.

    Dart – to the lack of transparency from our police services, no regular news updates (like the OPP always have) and no explanation of why the Chief is leaving.

    Laurel- to the Salvation Army on Elgin, they fund raise only once a year at Christmas with the kettles, and give so much to the people in our community that need it, food hampers, drop in centre for coffee and snacks, affordable cooking classes and now even laundry! I’m sure

    Dart- To the Crown prosecutors that did a behind closed doors plea deal with the murderers of Wesley Hallam, leaving the police to find out only because they overheard conversation while transporting them back to jail after court.

    Laurel – To the Bon Soo organizers for reversing their decision to hold the Polar Bear swim in a dumpster and moving it back to the river.

    Laurel – To the Greyhounds for winning 22 games straight making this hockey town proud!

    • It is a shame how people are treated like mushrooms and left in the dark about what they should be hearing about in daily press releases from the city PD, and it is also a shame about the corruption level within.
      We will find out why the ‘police chief of many secrets’ is leaving.
      As we will find out what punishment the fire chief will face, if any.
      Everything comes out in the wash.

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