Emergency Situation With Art Gallery Building


The Art Gallery of Algoma (AGA) is going through an emergency situation, facing major building issues that will have impact on the exhibitions and programming.

In early December there was a major leak in the storage area along the outside east wall of the building. We were fortunate not to have any damage to the artwork due to the prompt response by the AGA staff. Experts have looked at possible causes of this leak, but they were not able to make a definite conclusion. This part of the permanent collection storage area has to be emptied and the damaged wall has to be removed.

Since the cause of the leak is not clearly defined the repairs will not be completed until further investigation is done and more conclusive results are obtained. Some of it will be possible only in warmer temperatures so it will have to be done in spring.

During this time the AGA will dedicate two exhibition spaces – Project Room and Education Gallery –  to a display of artworks from the vault in the exhibition called Mysteries from the Vault. This display will be showing some of the permanent collection that has not been on display for many years. It will not be a traditional exhibition with a curatorial thesis – it will simply present collection that has to be moved from the storage area. At this point in time the AGA is not sure how long it will take to complete the repairs and subsequently how long this exhibition will be on display. As a result, some already scheduled exhibitions will have to be postponed or cancelled. Programming in the Main Gallery will continue as planned.

This measure has not been taken without serious consideration, however, the Gallery has no choice but to remove the artwork from part of the storage space and protect the permanent collection from any damage. We hope that the AGA Members and community at large will understand the predicament that the Gallery is in and will support our efforts to rectify building issues.


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