Favourite Things. The 2018 Tracy’s Dream Calendar.


With 10 shopping days left before Christmas, a gift that stands the test of time is the trusty calendar. Even as we increasingly use computers to integrate our schedules and map out our daily lives, a calendar in hard copy is still something many of us want and need.

We all live and think differently.

A visual overview as the months march forward is especially helpful for folks who do not use a computer or smartphone as well as individuals who are tuned to visual cues in the physical world. Pencil and paper – tactile learning – Calendars have provided individuals with an important tool in the organizational landscape.

Calendars are also a tremendous source for community groups to share information and fundraise.

The 2018 Tracy’s Dream is all of the above and so much more. Tracy Dinelle worked tirelessly to elevate the issue of cancer patients receiving treatment at Sault Area Hospital, by supporting those patients through Tracy’s Dream, a fund established to off-set the cost of parking at SAH.

Tracy passed away on June 21st, 2016. She was 52 years old, and lived a life that is still touching people in ways that are meaningful and kind today. The 2018 Algoma & District Cancer Support Calendar represents the 3rd year where funds raised through calendar sales, go towards the Tracy’s Dream fund.

Dennis and Tyler Dinelle – Calendar Launch event, Gateway Casino – Nov.30,2017.

Dennis Dinelle continues to champion the cause his (late) wife Tracy envisioned.

“Earlier in the year as this fundraising project started coming together there were many times where realizations came to us regarding the decision to have local charities and agencies participate in the 2018 Tracy’s Dream Fundraising Calendar.” Dennis Dinelle shared with Saultonline.

“As a result we have created an opportunity where we have a gathering of like-minded individuals and groups.  We have an opportunity here right now to network, learn and share ideas. In this particular case we all share a common goal which is helping our fellow men and women.”

The 2018 Tracy’s Dream – Algoma & District Cancer Support Calendar – represents organizations and community groups that come together where cancer touches lives.

Dinelle stated that he had read all the information and stories within the calendar several times and has learned a great deal about the resources that each group (represented as a calendar month) provides within the community. “There is a flow to the journey of a cancer patient. I have taken from this calendar and put together a scenario where each group within the calendar may be touched along this journey.”

In October, 2017, Tracy’s Dream received a cheque for $5,000 from Gateway Casinos, Sault Ste. Marie, as part of GatewayGIVES –  25 Days of Giving in celebration of Gateway’s 25th anniversary in the business of entertainment. “I am really pleased on behalf of Gateway Casinos Sault Ste. Marie to be able to continue to support Tracy’s Dream,” said Gateway Casinos General Manager, Jim Love in an October,2017 media release. “When I spoke with our staff and told them about the 25 Days of Giving, Tracy’s Dream was the natural choice. We supported the launch of the Tracy’s Dream Calendar 2017 here about a year ago last November and now we are back again to remind everyone of Tracy’s kind heart and good will.”

Tracy’s Dream Calendar 2018 was launched at Gateway Casino on November 30th , 2018. GatewayGIVES is the corporate giving and community engagement program of Gateway Casinos.

Thank you Gabrielle Fog Graphic Design Services for sharing calendar images with Saultonline.

Find Tracy’s Dream on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TracysDream/?fref=nf

Locations for 2018 Calendar Sales.

Station Mall Table this weekend – Dec. 16th -17th, and again on Dec. 23rd.

Kevanna Studios

Allstate Insurance, Great Northern Rd.

Mark’s Autographs –   Market Mall

St Mary’s Ukrainian Church

Body First, Queen St.

Angelissa Mills @ Absolutely Delicious. Dacey Road.

40 South Eden St.

55 Chapple St.

Arthurs Funeral home

Frankies Automotive.

Sault  Area Hospital (SAH) Gift Shop