Increase for Bus Fares and Parking Fees

Civic Centre

At its November 20, 2017 meeting, Sault Ste. Marie City Council approved an increase in user fees, including Sault Ste. Marie Transit and Parking user fees. The City of Sault Ste. Marie Transit Services would like to advise residents that new user fees come into effect January 1, 2018.
The new Transit fare is as follows:
Transit Services
Cash Fare $2.85
Adult 31 Day Pass $66
20 Ride Multi Pass $45
Youth 31 Day Pass (18 & under) $28
Semester Pass (Algoma U & Sault College only) $180
Senior 31 Day Pass (60 & over) $56
Senior 6 Ride Pass (60 & over) $9
Senior 12 Ride Pass (60 & over) $18
CLA Pass (CLA Designated) $52
School Board (School Board Designated) $45
Single-Ride Pass (Organizations Only) $2.85
Parabus Transit
Cash Fare $2.85
40 Ride Pass $79
Senior 12 Ride Pass (60 & over) $18
Senior 6 Ride Pass (60 & over) $9
Charter Bookings
Regular (minimum 2 hours) $153 per hour
Statutory Holidays (minimum 2 hours) $168.30 per hour
The new Parking fare is as follows:
Meter Parking
Queenstown hourly rate $1.30
City Centre hourly rate $1.30
Parking Passes
Daily $5.10
Monthly $45
Yearly $461


  1. City transit suck bus always late and theire driver are extremely rude my son has fallen hit his head from drivers punching on gas the second you get on no time sit down now I got to pay more so these driver can keep theire raise for get that

  2. I live on a bus route with a bus stop across the street. I must say they are always on time. They pass by at 25 past the hour and 5 before the hour. I can set my clock by them.

  3. Bus blew right past my bus stop with me standing there. Had to wait longer out in the cold for the bus to come back the other way. Thanks Sault Transit. You never cease to let me down. Wish there was a better alternative other than the obvious of having my own vehicle. Sault Transit is so unreliable. If I didnt have to pay for this service I wouldn’t. You guys suck. Get your #### thogether and hire drivers that actually know how to drive. K thanks. Rant over.

  4. You can thank the Essar global group of thieves for any and all increases. You can’t blame the city they don’t have a choice in the matter.
    You are lucky they didn’t raise the taxes more, although they should have. Soon we will have to worry about losing our cars in what is left of half of the streets when they cave in.

    • What is the definition of meter maid?
      a female member of a police or traffic department responsible for issuing tickets for parking violations. Origin of meter maid. 1955-1960. An Americanism dating back to 1955-60. British Dictionary definitions for meter maid.

  5. One sure way to discourage people from shopping downtown is to raise the already high rates. Why not just eliminate those nasty meters and provide plenty of free parking.? Does the income from those meters come close to paying the wages of the meter maids?

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