The master plan to convert downtown one-way streets


Downtown street operations have changed dramatically since one-way streets were first installed 60 years ago.

Alternative ways of converting the one-way streets will be presented to the public.

The Study is being conducted as a Schedule B project in accordance with the province’s Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) process.

The City’s new Transportation Master Plan can be seen here:

If you would like to be included on the project mailing list, have any questions or wish to obtain more information on the project please contact Carl Rumiel at 705.759.5379 or email [email protected]



  1. Dumb, dumb, dumb, idea, especially for a city that is broke and cannot even afford to fix the dozens of shot roads that it already has. It will do two things, raise taxes a bunch more, inconvenience the hell out of people for a long time. If crooked Essar ever pays up (which is highly unlikely) revisit it then.

  2. One of many reasons is Tourism……as I’ve worked in the tourism industry, I know first hand the frustration that tourists feel when they drive in our downtown core. I can see scenarios where they just want to get ” out of Dodge” in the morning rather than explore for a cut cafe or restaurant. I can see tourists and out of towners mumble that driving in the Soo downtown is a pain in the **s. It’s probably the same where we say driving in Sudbury is atrocious due to the pot holes. In any event…just my two cents. Go Hounds Go !

  3. The time is right though, and out of the past 60 years the timing of the traffic lights have been correct for only 6 to 10 of them years. That with the blocks being the same size and the streets being one way. Can you imagine the mess they’ll make of the synchronization if it was two way down queen, bay or albert?? lol pathetic.

  4. I wondered the same thing Bri. But I don’t understand how this will help downtown businesses or ‘liveability’ anyway? What is the difference if the traffic is one way or two? It’s not like it creates more parking, which I think is the main problem with downtown. And more bike lanes, ugh, I have nothing against bike lanes but I drvie Queen a lot where they have them, and I don’t see many bikes, seems like a waste to me.
    Make sure to look at the plan link in the story!
    This is a MASSIVELY HUGE PROJECT AND WILL COST CRAZY HUGE $$$$$$. The Sault will be under construction for years. lol. Pim street? Church street? What? And how much did this study cost the city? Council just deferred the Simspon Street upgrade, but are thinking about this?? Wow. I’m all for progress, but this seems a bit too far out there for me.

  5. The timing is not right. It will cost many unknown dollars to complete this changeover. The city is cash strapped. Why not wait until “times are better” to look at this. After All…we have managed quite well for over 60 years..another couple of years should not make a difference. I also wonder…is this change being pushed for by the downtown association ??

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