Is there nepotism in city hall?


A motion put forward by councilor Matthew Shoemaker and councilor Ozzie Grandinetti regarding the accumulation of data for employees of the city and their relationship to other city employees failed tonight at city council.

It was a topic that did come with heated debate where councilor Frank Fata was shut down by the mayor and councilor Grandinetti’s notions were flat out denied.

Councillor Grandinetti seems to think it happens every day while councilors like Steve Butland seemed to be in disgust over the mere mention of it.

No one could come to agree on how this data would be collected and for that reason it failed to garner any movement.

Please feel free to comment on your position on the matter, below.



  1. I will comment about it as I feel it cost me a position at the city after multiple tests. Interviews and waiting on a call out list for two years but that’s how they are run. I worked 10 years at City of Ottawa and if you did the same thing there you would find about 1/2 the staff is related to someone else working there. It’s wrong but it’s how it goes.

  2. Now I totally want a resolution for this. lol. We don’t want to be a town “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” A lot of good talent gets overlooked if nepotism is not transparent.

    • Problem is its not the best person… I have talked to city employees who were pretty much forced to higher family members of other employees from other departments because they were fearful that if they didn’t they wouldn’t get any promotions and such in the future… Its a bad situation when you have that kind of environment.

    • Thing is Bri…maybe it IS important. Nepotism especially in city departments is not a fair hiring system. It’s on a couple councilors radar to table it like they did, I’m sure they just didn’t pull it out of the air to waste time in an already long meeting.

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