It’s Here To Stay


After a few teases and false starts over the last few weeks, it appears Winter is here to stay.  Sault Ste. Marie escaped heavy snow squall activity Tuesday as a push of frigid air raced over Lake Superior. Areas to the north of the city saw substantial snow fall with blowing snow and white out conditions causing the closure of Highway 17 between Heyden and Wawa.

The blast of winter weather will stretch into the weekend and could impact the city with additional snow squalls and up to 20cm by Sunday.

With temperatures now below freezing and staying there for the rest of year, it means what snow is falling now – will stay. Temperatures are expected to nose dive in the next while, daytime highs near -10c next week are forecast and those temperatures will stick around until the end of the year.

Meanwhile, it was Northwestern Ontario that first felt the force of the winter storm yesterday. Here’s a list of some communities and their snowfall amounts in the last 24 hours.

Kenora 30
Rawson Lake 30 to 35 (estimated)
Ear Falls 15 to 20 (estimated)
Red Lake 14
Pickle Lake 50
Thunder Bay airport 12
Thunder Bay City Area 12 to 15
Marathon 13
Geraldton 10 to 15 (estimated)


  1. It is better that is comes and stays…hate that slushy weather. It will be a big help to those depending on snow and great for those with snow machines etc. How many days til spring?

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