Kaplan Arbitration Award


Ontario colleges are very pleased with the arbitrator’s award, which is consistent with the colleges’ bargaining positions. The award enshrines the academic freedom policies that exist at most colleges while providing the same percentage salary increase that the colleges tabled before the strike started.

“We have a workable award that is in the best interests of all parties and we want to thank the arbitrator for his efforts,” said Sonia Del Missier, Chair, Colleges’ Bargaining Team. “The arbitrator’s award preserves the ability of colleges to be responsive to local economic needs in a timely and flexible way.

Ms. Missier continued: “The strike has been a terrible experience for our students and everyone affected. We appreciate all of the efforts being made by faculty and staff to recover from these events and continue the education and training of our students. We will be focused on rebuilding our positive working relationship with faculty that is in the best interests of the colleges, our students, and our communities.”

Highlights from the Arbitrator’s Award

Academic Freedom

The arbitrator’s award continues the colleges’ approach to academic freedom that is grounded in collaboration and preservation of standards.

The arbitrator did not accept the union’s attempt to remove academic decision making from the college’s academic leadership.

The consistency of academic content in the classroom has been maintained for our students.

Continued collaborative academic planning will ensure program consistency for students through continued academic oversight by the colleges to adhere to provincial and professional standards.

The salary award of 7.75% over four years matches the salary position offered by the colleges before the strike started.

Return to Work
The arbitrator has also removed all faculty grievances, complaints and claims related to the return to work and prevented further claims from being filed in exchange for a one-time payment of $900 to full-time faculty and $450 to partial-load faculty.

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