Liberals Vote Down Bill On Gas Price Gouging


Liberals vote down an NDP bill that would have saved Ontario families from gasoline price gouging.

Last Thursday, Timmins-James Bay NDP MPP Gilles Bisson’s Bill 183, Fairness in Petroleum Pricing Act, 2017, was read for a second time in the legislature and was shut down by Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals before reaching a third reading.

“The Liberals were given the opportunity to do the right thing and protect Ontario families from unpredictable gas prices but instead they were in it for themselves and chose the side of the gas companies over the side of consumers”, Bisson said.

“With gas not being regulated, large gas companies control the price and the small independent gas companies get shut down – getting rid of the competitiveness.”

Bisson’s bill was designed to protect the interest of consumers with respect to the predictable and consistent retail pricing of petroleum products. The bill would have allowed the Ontario Energy Board, under the Lieutenant Governor in Council, to regulate the retail price and wholesale mark-up of petroleum products in Ontario.

“I understand that there is a cost to transport gas but we see differences of 40 cents per litre from Hamilton to Thunder Bay. You can’t tell me that it costs 40 cents per litre to deliver gasoline across the province.”

“We shouldn’t be punished just because we live in Northern Ontario. After the Liberals cancelled the Ontario Northlander passenger train in 2012, we haven’t had trains or reliable buses in the north that link us to Southern Ontario, therefore we rely on automobiles as our main source of transportation and we get gouged at the pumps for it.”


  1. “Liberals Vote Down Bill On Gas Price Gouging”
    So we will vote them down, hopefully southern Ontario residents snap out of it and do the right thing for a change, as they will be the deciding factor.

  2. Most politicians are no longer in it for you or I. They are in it for themselves and everyone else be dammed! Government in North America needs a complete overhaul. Politicains should represent our needs and wants, not theirs.

  3. Not fuel, but bought tomatoes last friday at Food Basics for $1.25lb.. Went today and they are $2.98lb….Same damn tomatoes…But i got a ,57cent raise on my pension this month…..LMAO… Kinda…:(.

  4. Even if they wanted to……they would not vote in favour. Imagine how many already counted on tax dollars they would lose at the pumps if WE were treated fairly. It is kinda like their view on cigarettes. They run ads through the ministry of health urging us to quit smoking. On the other hand they hope we don’t quit because they want the taxes cigs provide. Ahh yes…they are all very corrupt down there at Queens Park ( and Ottawa ).

  5. They are all delusional and this is one huge reason that they have to go, after all this isn’t just about fuel for our vehicles, it is about fuel to cook and heat our homes which is getting harder to afford every day.
    Many have to choose between this and food.
    Justine will be crying his eyes out once again when he gets kicked to the curb for being so irresponsible in squandering our heard earned tax dollars. Wynne, the chronic liar, well, we know she will be departing very soon also. They don’t have a functioning brain between them. People need to step up and vote these clowns the hell out before Canada is totally broke.

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