Local Tim Hortons Employee Fired On The Spot Following Verbal Assault on Customer


A Tim Hortons employee was fired immediately after a Sault Ste. Marie franchise owner learned of a verbal assault on a paying customer.  A video posted by Jacqueline Perras that captured the entire ordeal earlier this week has since gone viral.

In the video, Perras says she was at the local Tim Hortons where she bought a person in need a sandwich and a coffee. While sitting in the restaurant, she decided to take a selfie with the person. Parras states it was at this time that a night shift worker told her that she could not take photos inside the restaurant. When she asked the male employee why, he told her that she could be “robbing the place.” A confrontation ensued where the employee became verbally abusive with Parras.

Watch the video below for the full account. WARNING – viewer discretion is advised due to the use of vulgar language.

No one should be treated like this.

Posted by Jacqueline Lovely Perras on Thursday, December 7, 2017

Perras, who is seen on camera, explains what happened and confronts the employee who became rude and disrespectful. He gets into a yelling match with Perras and tells her to “shut the f**k up and sit your fat a** down”. The police were called.

When Perras talked to Police, also captured on the video posted on social media, she was informed that the employee had the right to ask her to leave the establishment. The officer then informs her that she could be arrested if she doesn’t comply.

Perras was on her way home to Southern Ontario on December 7th when she stopped at the local Tim Hortons restaurant at around 2 am. The restaurant appears to be empty at the time the confrontation took place.


  1. I fail to see how the police officer was rude. She was on private property and the employee who was responsible wanted her off the property. No different then if you had a visitor at your house That you got into an argument with and wouldn’t leave. The police are there to enforce the laws, what led to the incident really doesn’t matter. It’s private property, they want you out you have to leave. If you wish take it to management the next day which is what she did

    • Sorry Norm Payeur but the laws would be different as she was a paying customer and purchased something from the store …..the employee does not have the right to kick you out moments after purchasing something ……the employee is the person that started the said argument and with that the employee also was the one insulting the paying costumer…..when he said the police were called …she has the right to remain where she is and wait for law enforcement to arrive and settle that ….The incident does matter….there is no law against you taking a picture of yourself

    • I would love to know who this employee was behind the counter..I know its the Trunk Road Sault Ste Marie Tim Hortons…but who is the employee?….love to know!

  2. Never could figure out why anyone would patronize Tim Horton’s when MacDonald’s has superior tasting coffee for a substantially better price.
    I suggest you try it, you will never go back to Tim’s if you do, avoid the crazy lineups and save a lot of money in the long run.

  3. Changed my mind… Cops were following the letter of the law…… The woman’s issue is with Tim Hortons, the cops issue, is with the fact, she was told to leave , and did not.

  4. Which Tim Horton’s is this??? Yes, the employees were rude and degrading but the attitude of the police officer even worse… People are supposed to respect and feel protected by the police officers, not spoken to that way, in a condensing manner and not even ask for her side of the story…. #saultstemariepolice #timhortons

  5. Once at a tim hortons I nicely corrected my order and the lady called me a bitch under her breath took the witnesses number and called head office received a ten dollar gift certificate an appoligee no update on persons employment status but never saw her again. This was in whitby ontario

  6. Its the worst tim horton in the soo . that vedeo should be sent directly to the head of tim horton .They change staff every week . must be a reason for that .No service . very slow and no one smile .

  7. She buys a stranger in need a cof n takes a photo w him. Employee becomes abusive to her,and cops say SHE’ll be arrested. Lol. Way to go soo cops. Keep up the good work.
    And this is whats wrong w the world today

    • And yet the customers are allowed to sit in the stores using vulgar language and not asked to either stop the language or leave. Twenty years ago, they would have been told to clean it up or leave. It is not like Timmys hurts for customers.


  9. Glad the guy got fired I know the owners and the wife will not put up with that behaviour in her establishment from her employees as for the cop he was so lazy he didn’t even investigate he just took the employee side and never questioned her he was just rude himself just shows why I hate most city cops the Opp are way better cops and take their time to investigate things through I hope the chief gives that cop a reprimand for his actions if not it just means we still have a corrupt force still

    • I agree Paige! I think the cop could/SHOULD have been much nicer and at least heard her out rather than cut her off with a threat to arrest her. I mean I think he was right legally speaking, but cops should also be goodwill ambassador for our city with out-of-towners! And 4 cruisers showed up for this? So the cop can’t say he was in a hurry and that is why he was so blunt. That cop could use a lesson in common courtesy and respect too. I wish she would have asked his name while she was recording.

  10. If you look at the bigger picture, Sault Ste. Marie is going to be hurt by this. People are going to see the video and say, “I’ll never go there.” I hope not but its a possibility.

    • Well even the woman that was abused said on her FB page that she doesn’t judge a whole city by one persons actions and defended the Soo. Which is very gracious of her I think.

    • Well she put the video out there Mike, it isn’t the first time or the first city to gain attention because of 1 negative incident. This too shall pass.

    • Manufactured video? Please explain how that would be done. Clearly the employee’s was recognizable to his boss. I’m sure the same would be true of the policeman’s voice. I will be interested to see how you explain the process she used to make manufactured videos.

    • Just asking don’t know any Tim’s that empty, if I was video taping someone I would get them on camera, I’m not tech savvy but people post all kinds of things, was just asking if anyone from Tim’s or other employees working confirmed it.

      • She explained on a prior video that she had to hold the camera down so the aggressive employee didn’t know she was recording…..I mean the guy just verbally abused her for snapping a selfie, and called the cops on her for it. Do you really think she would hold up a camera that is recording in his face after that? Go to her facebook page directly, all the videos she made of the incident are there. Her name is Jacqueline Lovely Perras. There is no way this is fake. She is a singer in a band, she was doing kind deeds for random people on her travels. Then this happened to her. shame.

    • It happened around 2 am from what I understand. Not many people in Timmies at that time. And they employee had NO right to speak to her in that manor. She was smart to NOT video the employee. Hope his parents are proud….

  11. I only see the one video here, there is a second one to what happened and what was said to her and how many police cars came to tell her to leave or she would be arrested her gone from Tim Horton from helping homeless man.

    • Yes, go to the woman’s facebook page, her name is: Jacqueline Lovely Perras
      She posted another video just talking to the cops. 4 cruisers showed up. LOL.

    • This is the saddest example of how to treat people let alone someone who is not from here! And as far as the City Police go, that is icing on the cake for Ms Perras to tell the world what a horrible place Sault Ste. Marie is. I hope there is lessons learned here and maybe SSM CP could use a few lessons on customer service. Just disgusting how they also treated her!

  12. Are you frigging kidding me? Please share this with anyone who teaches customer service as in what not to do! In all of my 35 years or more of customer service, there are times I would want to say something but common sense usually prevails, this guy clearly has issues and no common sense! If there are other details that are unknown? It’s still not right!

    • Saw the video .. he told her to sit her fat ass down , and he has the right as it’s his opinion, Peggy-Jo Gregorini your right , unacceptable ..zero excuse, she got it on tape I wonder how many other customers he has verbally abused🤔

    • She mentions on her page that she just worked really hard to lose 25 pounds too, So the fat ass comment really offended her in an extra special way. Unacceptable customer service X 100!

    • The problem with this video, is that it’s only one side and a selection of what happened. How was this person acting before the edit? Was she swearing and insulting the worker? Or is she as innocent as It sounds? A business has a right to remove people from their business.. it is private property…
      Now I’m not trying to justify anything here.. as the words chosen were not suitable and unprofessional but would just like to see the whole incident not just a biased edit of what happened.

    • Rod Rioux I agree, we don’t know what was happening before she started taking a video, but in the video, he never asked her to leave and the words he spoke were absolutely inappropriate in any situation! In my experience, don’t say anything; if you ask someone to leave and they don’t call the police and let them do the enforcing, don’t say another word until they arrive!

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