Majority of survey respondents believe cannabis use habit forming: Health Canada


OTTAWA — A recent government survey suggests that the vast majority of people who responded to it believe pot use could be habit forming.

The survey, conducted by Health Canada from March to May, says 77 per cent of respondents shared the belief marijuana can be habit forming.

The department says it asked 9,215 people about their knowledge, behaviours and attitudes towards pot use, including driving behaviours after consumption.

It found 46 per cent of those surveyed, who indicated they had driven within two hours of pot use, reported they did so one to 10 times in the last year.

Health Canada says only two per cent of respondents who used cannabis in the last 12 months reported having an interaction with law enforcement related to driving under the influence.

It also found three quarters of those surveyed believe pot use affects driving, noting this number drops to 50 per cent when looking at responses from those who reported using cannabis in the past year.