More Fake Money Circulating in the Sault


Over the past 2 days officers with the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service have responded to 3 calls for service with regards to prop money being used at local businesses.  On December 4th officers received a complaint of 3 fake US $100 bills being used at a business in the downtown area.

Since that time, officers have received 3 additional complaints of similar bills being used at various businesses.  The bills are of poor quality and read “This note is not legal tender intended for picture and motion picture use” on the front of them just to the left of the portrait of Benjamin Franklin.

Unlike legitimate currency, the ink on these bills will easily smear when wet.  We encourage business to be cautious and ensure that employees are properly trained to inspect any currency that they may come into contact with.


  1. Bills of that denomination should be scrutinized immediately, especially if they are US, but checking out all bills $50 and over is crucial regardless.
    In this case all they needed to do is read where it said “This note is not legal tender” You need to stay one step ahead of the scammers or you lose!

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