Off-duty OPP officer facing charges



Following an investigation by the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Sudbury OPP Crime Unit, an off duty Provincial Constable has been charged in relation to a domestic violence complaint which occurred on December 21, 2017, in the City of Elliot lake, Ontario.

As a result of the investigation, a 46 year old male was arrested and charged with:

Assault – Spousal, contrary to section 266 of the Criminal Code (CC), and Mischief – destroys or damages property, contrary to section 430(1)(a) of the CC

The officer is a 19-year member with the OPP and is scheduled to appear before the Ontario Court of Justice in Elliot Lake on January 2, 2018.

The officer has been suspended from duty with pay in accordance with the Police Services Act of Ontario.



  1. He will likely walk Scott free as 99.9% of them do.
    Sad how there are different laws for cops and citizens.
    I will be watching, it would be good of you to follow this and post the outcome for all to see. Women beaters walk all too often.

      • Opp are the most corrupt cops in Canada,usually the profession standards bureau do all they can to cover up their bully brothers misdeeds,at our expense.the police steal hundreds of millions a year from Canadian taxpayers by not doing their jobs and covering up their crimes against Canadians .something must be done.

    • U are full of it. The investigations actually are harder on officers because the courts don’t want the public scrutiny and are open to transparency. If there was a special system for officers you would have never heard about the charges. That’s why different departments do the investigations and not the detachment they are from. Also officers are subject to separate police act charges which are not criminal but have huge implications on their jobs. So back up your baseless alligations. Remember free speech and slander are 2 different things. You can make baseless claims all u want as free speech and you can also be sued for slander when you can’t back up your claims so be careful.

      • What a load of crap,we know usually that when cops investigate themselves they find nothing wrong with their corrupt brothers in blue.when the corrupt opp assaulted my son ,my daughter tasered me twice,tortured my son in the back of their solar oven cruiser,laid 12 false charges,while we were working.all false charges were dropped.when the corrupt lying opp professional standards bureau invested themselves,they found themselves to be without error.load of crap.everyone knows cops to be the biggest liars anywhere.when they go to court,it’s said they go to testilie.its past time these violence God complex liars are held accountable,

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