Only hybrid or electric cars for cabinet as Ottawa aims to cut emissions


OTTAWA — The federal government is going to stop buying internal combustion cars for cabinet ministers starting next year, a new federal environment plan says.

The Greening Government Strategy being unveiled today sets a goal to cut emissions from federal government buildings and vehicles at least 80 per cent compared with 2005 levels by 2050.

The 15 departments that currently track emissions produced about a million tonnes of greenhouse gas in 2016-17, which is less than one per cent of Canada’s total emissions and approximately the same as what 215,000 passenger cars produce in a single year.

The strategy aims to start buying only hybrid or fully electric cars for cabinet ministers, deputies and other senior government officials starting in 2018 and a year later, aim to ensure only hybrids or electrics are purchased for 75 per cent of the light-duty vehicles bought for the rest of the government.

New government buildings will have to be capable of producing as much energy as they consume by 2022 and renovations to existing buildings will be low-carbon.

As well, emissions from employee travel will start being tracked in 2019 with the aim of finding lower-emission alternatives.

The Canadian Press