Government to move caribou facing wolf attacks off Michipicoten Island

Woodland Caribou

The Ontario government plans to move endangered caribou off an island in Lake Superior by helicopter to save the animals from a pack of wolves.

Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry Kathryn McGarry says the wolves got onto Michipicoten Island using a rarely formed ice bridge several years ago.

She says the government will take a portion of the caribou population to Slate Islands in Lake Superior where they’ll roam in an area free from predators.

The ministry hopes the relocated caribou will eventually breed with a herd already on the Slate Islands to help grow their population.

The government is worried the Michipicoten Island caribou will be wiped out if no action is taken.

It says the animals will be moved sometime early in the new year.

The Canadian Press



  1. Tranquilizing and airlifting animals is not necessary and is very stressful.
    It would be much easier and wiser to cull the wolves. This is why St. Joseph island has a year round season on wolves and coyotes, no limits, no tags required. They are nothing but bad for the other wildlife.
    Maybe someday the government will get it right.

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