Record turn out for 62nd annual Sault Christmas bird count



The Sault Ste. Marie Christmas Bird Count took place on December 16th, and despite the cold weather, a record 80 field observers took to the streets, on both the Canadian and American sides, to complete the count.  Another 12 feeder watchers participated as they counted birds from their backyard feeders.

In total, 55 different species were recorded, plus an American Black Duck x Mallard hybrid, with 6358 total individual birds.

The top bird observed during the count was a Carolina Wren, a rare bird for the area.  Other notable species were a Great Blue Heron, a Peregrine Falcon, a Belted Kingfisher, and two Song Sparrows, all of which are common birds for the area, except during the winter months.

35 Wild Turkeys, 23 Ruffed Grouse and 5 Red-bellied Woodpeckers were enough to set new record highs for each species.

The most abundant bird this year was Black-capped Chickadee, followed by Mallard, European Starling, Rock Pigeon and Common Raven.

This was the 62nd running of the annual Sault Ste. Marie Christmas Bird Count.  The data collected each year provides information on the abundance of birds across North America, as these counts take place all across the continent.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time as they participated in the count.  It could not happen without you.

Special thanks goes out to Dave Euler, who organized the count, and to Carter Dorscht, who compiled all the data.

To see the full results, visit the Sault Naturalists website: Click Here