Romano speaks to local businesses about NorOnt Ferrochrome Facility


Sault Ste. Marie M.P.P. Ross Romano took the podium in the South Ballroom of the Quattro Hotel this morning to speak to members of the local business community just prior to a Breakfast and Fireside Chat hosted by the Sault Ste. Marie Chamber of Commerce.

Since taking office, Mr. Romano has worked tirelessly to ensure Sault Ste. Marie remains a serious contender for the NorOnt Ferrochrome Facility in a fierce competition with Sudbury, Timmins and Thunder Bay. The project will translate into thousands of jobs for the chosen location.

Romano pointed out that NorOnt, like many of the business owners present at the event, is very passionate about their business, commitment for safety and the relationships they form within the communities they operate in. The support they receive from communities like Sault Ste. Marie will be a significant factor in their final decision for the location of the new Ferrochrome Processing Facility.

“They want to be wanted…”, said Romano. “Community support is the biggest most critical part of this bid.

Romano urged everyone to ask questions, voice concerns and educate themselves about what this “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity” would mean for Sault Ste. Marie if our bid was successful. Ontario is one of the most highly regulated provinces in Canada when it comes to environmental concerns and even after the location is selected this February, it will still be several years of assessments, permits, consultations and other processes before a shovel hits the ground. Something that NorOnt has already committed $100 million dollars towards.




  1. Looks like we have a classic SSM Conflict of Interest! Jason Naccarto just announced he was resigning as Chamber President. Jason and the Chamber CEO Rory Ring were extremely critical of the Provincial Liberal this past year and in particular before/during the by-election. Word on the street says Jason resigned after complaints he was President and working for Ross Romano.

    The media needs to ask when did Jason start getting paid by Romano and did Jason work on Ross’s campaign?

    Does anyone care about the Conflict of Interest for Jason and Chamber!

    • You would be hard pressed to declare a conflict of interest Rick when the Chamber President role is a volunteer position with no compensation. Maybe Mr. Naccarato simply felt that Ross’ upcoming campaign and our Community would benefit more from his efforts and time. I would suggest that you do a bit of research yourself before weighing in so negatively. Not sure about you, but I for one don’t care for the taste of my own feet!

  2. The Sault is destined to be a retirement and tourist town, the sooner people admit it the better off they will be. It’s far too late now to try and turn it around, that ship has sailed a long long time ago. Ridiculous notions of Amazon coming here just make it the laughing stock of Ontario. It surely does not need a smelter facility located here making even more people contract cancer and respiratory problems when the rate is already much higher than even much bigger cities.
    When the steel mill closes it will all become painfully clear for those who are caught up in a fantasy of believing something magic is going to happen. If you don’t want to lose more than you have already sell now and go elsewhere before the bottom falls out of it. The city’s coffers are in trouble and guess who is going to pay through the nose in large yearly tax increases?

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