Salvation Army Christmas Kettle drive helps locally in ways most can’t imagine


Melody Slagel has worked for The Salvation Army for 25 years and she wants to get the word out about the once-a-year Christmas Kettle campaign so many of us have seen over the years as we shopped for gifts.

All funds raised by the Christmas Campaign in our Community remain right here in Sault Ste. Marie and account for approximately 95% of the local Salvation Army’s entire annual budget.

Donations can be dropped in to any Christmas Kettle, with locations at:

  • Station Mall
  • Food Basics on Pine
  • No Frills
  • Rome’s
  • The LCBO on Gt. Northern
  • 78 Elgin Street

Did you know?

The Salvation Army has been in Sault Ste. Marie helping our community for well over 100 years.

In October 200 local families received food hampers, 1421 individuals were served coffee and snacks at the Elgin Street Drop-In, and 18 individuals were provided laundry service.

Donations operate a community Food Bank, which provides much-needed food to approximately 410 people in Sault Ste. Marie every month.

The “Drop-In” provides a safe environment for people to come for coffee, a snack and some company.  This seems to be meeting a need, as up to 130 people per day drop in.

Kitchen Creations is a new program that was started this past summer. This program offers a cooking demonstration that is held each Friday. They cook a budget-friendly, nutritious recipe, and everyone gets a sample to taste. They are then provided with a hamper with all of the ingredients to take home. Everyone is offered advice about budget-friendly grocery shopping and meal planning.  This program has turned into a very well attended afternoon.

In September they began operating a laundry program.  They are able to offer 2 washers and 2 dryers to four families a day from Tuesday to Thursday.  This is a need that was expressed to them by our community and helps alleviate some expenses in people’s budgets.

For every $1 donated – 81 cents goes towards these amazing programs.

“Our community is an amazing group of people who truly want to help their own.  Each year I am touched by the many people of our great city who come in to donate their hard-earned money and want to help.” Slagel tells Saultonline.

So, when you hear that jingle, and see the Christmas Kettle please drop a donation if you can.  You’ll feel great knowing your money goes directly to helping Melody Slagel and her team at the Salvation Army to help those in need from our community.

The Salvation Army can be contacted at (705) 759-4143



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