Searchmont Closed Due To Extreme Cold

Travis McCormack

If you got new skis or a snowboard for Christmas, you’ll have to wait one day to use them. Searchmont Ski Resort has been closed due to the extreme cold .

Colin Wilson , General Manager of Searchmont Ski Resort sends in this note to this morning

Due to Extreme Cold Weather, we are closed today(December 27th) We apologize about the inconvenience, but this cold puts risk to our employees, customers and equipment. This is a tough call but we feel it is necessary with these frigid temperatures. Temperatures are warming up for tomorrow .


  1. No reason why they couldn’t have opened at 11 am or so, what a bunch of wusses, it’s not THAT cold. People are getting so soft these days.
    We skied in much, much colder weather for years.

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