Shoemaker “sorely, sorely disappointed” in city administration


City council’s budget deliberations came to a head tonight when city councilor Matthew Shoemaker was “sorely, sorely disappointed” with the CAO Al Horsman and City administration when they denied a request from council tonight that dates back to May to report with budget options that they could choose as to where or where not to make cuts.

Paul Christian and Ricky Niro echoed his point.

“It was passed and it should have been delivered,” exclaimed councilor Paul Christian.

Councilor Susan Myers did not agree and tried to put an end to the discussion but mayor Provenzano said it was a democratic process where the councilors should be heard.

Shoemaker brought past budgets where there were options that they could choose from on what to cut and not to cut.

“We have not got what we requested…I think it’s a failure of administration,” Shoemaker said.

Horseman only responded to that the city did not want to cut any mandatory services but could not answer where those options requested by council were.

“The decision to make cuts is ours!” exclaimed Christian.

Mayor Provenzano did choose to end it himself after hearing from council saying that although Shoemaker’s point was very valid, he thinks there was enough information in the budget reports to make these decisions already.


  1. If you don’t want to remain in this retirement town now would be a good time to leave if you don’t want to lose your shorts when the prices flatline.

  2. Many people will talk about replacing these councillors but every time the election occiurs we put them back in. Lets hope some quality candidates who are interested in moving this city forward will opt to run in the next election.

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