Simpson St. reconstruction deferred; council disagrees


During city council’s discussion on the capital budget tonight for 2018 and onwards, Simpson Street reconstruction deferral came up as a hot topic.

City councilor Susan Myers raised the issue and Matthew Shoemaker agreed that engineering should not defer the project as there has been new development in the form of an apartment complex on the street.

“You’ve already identified it as a great risk,” Myers said to the director of engineering Don Elliott.

Elliott talked about the initiative to turn Bay Street into a two-way street and said that this was one of their priorities.

Myers disagreed saying that the added stress on the underground systems on Simpson should be a priority and that the constituents of that street were assured that 2018 would be the year for its restructuring.

“There isn’t enough money,” Elliott said adding that Bay Street was also a priority considering they may have to restrict traffic by closing lanes soon.

Shoemaker agreed with Myers saying that the environmental assessment for Bay has not even been completed yet.

Elliott said in response, “we can get through one more year if it is defered.”


  1. PLEASE !!!! Leave Bay Street alone. It is one of the best streets for moving a lot of traffic at the same time. I fail to see any advantage in spending money to make a street less functional.

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