Thibeault’s response to Liberals vote down bill on gas price gouging


Saultonline received the following response today from the office of the Honourable Glenn Thibeault, Minister of Energy.

It reads as follows:

I saw that Sault Online reported on the defeat of Gilles Bisson’s gas price regulation bill.

I wanted to make sure you were aware that the OEB has studied the idea of regulating gas prices, and has concluded that it would result in higher prices for consumers. You can see the report here:

Here is a statement from Energy Minister Thibeault on the private member’s bill, and on the OEB report:

“As Sudbury’s MPP and Ontario’s Minister of Energy, I’m committed to ensuring a fair, reliable and affordable supply of energy for people across the province.

In the North, and in my community of Sudbury, gasoline and diesel are especially vital for transporting families and goods where they need to go – to work, to schools, to the grocery store and the doctor’s office.

Unfortunately, as we Northerners know, the price we pay often seems higher than in other parts of the province.

I want to make sure that our government does everything it can to ensure that gas prices are as transparent as possible across the province, which is why last November I asked the independent Ontario Energy Board to study the gasoline market in the province.

I wanted to better understand the price at the pump, and price variations between different parts of the province.

The report is the product of broad consultations with industry, stakeholders and consumers.

Most importantly, the report finds that consumers in other Canadian provinces with regulated gas prices pay more for gas than they likely would without regulation.

The report confirms that regulating gas prices, as opposition has called for, would hurt consumers right across the province. ‎

I want to thank the Ontario Energy Board for its work.

Our government intends to use this information to inform our decision making going forward, as we continue to focus on making life fairer in all parts of the province.”

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  1. another layer of corruption would obviously cause higher prices. And yes we were born yesterday, we’d have to be to have voted these provincial liberals even once.

  2. It would have been better for Mr. Thibeault to have said nothing. What a crock to suggest prices would go up without the present Liberal policy. When Canadian gas can be sold in Soo Michigan cheaper than here.. the energy minister is full of it.

  3. How does making the gougers charge us fair prices make the prices go up? We were born, but not yesterday! You can make a report say whatever you want but it doesn’t much matter if it is all lies.
    The cost of oil does not warrant the current gas prices, not even close.

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