UPDATE: Tug boat The Dispatch II is now afloat!


UPDATE: The recovery operations commenced this morning.

Contractors have successfully re-floated the vessel.

The vessel remains stable.  No pollution observed.

As to the ownership of the boat it has been determined that the vessel is in the hands of an executor of an estate.

Earlier story:

The Dispatch II tugboat sinking
Photo of scene courtesy of The Canadian Coast Guard

The Canadian Coast Guard is in charge of the response to any potential pollution from a partially submerged vessel in the St. Mary’s River in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.

On December 24, the MOE Spills Action Centre advised the Coast Guard of a sunken tug boat at the Bellevue Marina on Pine Street

The Dispatch II vessel is 13.7 metres (45 feet) in length and contains diesel fuel and lube oil. Quantities are unknown at this time. Ongoing water and shoreline assessments show no signs of pollution so far.

The Sault Ste. Marie Fire department placed booms at the mouth of the marina to contain any potential pollution. The Coast Guard is on scene with spill response products and crews.

The Canadian Coast Guard is responsible for ensuring the clean-up of ship-sourced spills of oil and other pollutants in Canadian waters. In this instance, the Coast Guard has assumed command of the recovery effort as the owner is unwilling to respond.

Hired contractors and the Coast Guard are dealing with a very cold working environment, as well as increasing ice and snow conditions.



    • Tom, commenting on a release sent to media, that included odd phrasing, is allowed in a free world. lol. Settle down.
      Eventho the owner is gone, the executor should have dealt with things and is most likely what the Coast Guard meant by ‘unwiling’ comment in the info. At least Saultonline got an update from them to clarify things and not leave it hanging.

  1. Maybe the owner is away? Odd tho that the coast guard said ‘unwilling’ to respond….sounds like they contacted the owner but the owner didn’t show up. lol. ?
    You’d think they would be concerned about their 45ft tug boat sinking! No tug boat race for them next summer.

    • “In this instance, the Coast Guard has assumed command of the recovery effort, as the owner is unwilling to respond (in the time since that statement was made, it has been revealed the owner of the vessel is believed to be deceased).”
      It may be a little hard to reach him, short of trying a seance.

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