Mondays council agenda is a doozy!


It may be a very long meeting for city council on Monday going by the 370-page agenda put out by the city.

One of the first matters is the code of conduct for city staff and elected officials. This may be standard every year but it is curious to arise after the battle between the CAO Al Horseman and city councilor Matthew Shoemaker about how the city staff denied a request for budgetary options last week, which was requested back in May.

An Integrity Commissioner will be required to investigate complaints that the Code of Conduct has been violated. An Integrity Commissioner will be paid on a retainer or a fee-for-service basis, or a blend of these. Because the legislation provides that Code of Conduct inquiries that are not complete by Nomination Day in a regular election year (July 27 in 2018) are terminated, the financial implication in 2018 is estimated at $5,000 which is included in the 2018 budget. In a non-election year, costs are estimated at $20,000.

Sault Summit

In the Fall of 2016, Councillor Paul Christian approached City staff with a concept to establish a “Sault Summit” – an event that would bring together former Sault Ste. Marie residents in Toronto with a goal to involve them with the development of their hometown.

Councillor Christian was familiar with members of the former “SooBoys” or “SooConnected” group that organized a charity golf tournament to raise funds for the Sault Area Hospital. He had reached out to one of the members who was supportive of the Sault Summit concept and was willing to contact former participants of the “SooConnected” group to promote this event. Further, one of the members of the group was willing to assist in providing a facility in Toronto that could host this event.

Historic Property Tax Rebate

In 2005, City Council passed a resolution accepting the implementation of a 40% Tax Rebate Program in our community to support owners of Designated Heritage Properties. Bylaw 2005-186 outlines the criteria for the Heritage Property Tax Rebate Program.

Related City Employees

A perception exists locally that family members of existing staff are given preference for city jobs so council will be looking at a yearly report on how many city employees are related to each other.

Essar Centre Box Seats

Council will look also at developing more box seats in the Essar Centre as there is room for their additions. These are box seats that were started but not completed in the building of the arena.

Skating Trails

Council will also talk about developing skating trails in the city.

Places like Toronto, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Edmonton, Huntsville and Whitehorse have developed skating trails, either on rivers or on land, ranging from one to
eleven kilometres in length.