Wynne Liberals awarded half a million dollar bonus to OPG CEO the year after he retired


OPG was found to be one of the power companies gaming ratepayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars
QUEEN’S PARK – Today, during Question Period, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown asked the Wynne Liberals why they awarded a sizable bonus to the CEO of publicly-owned Ontario Power Generation (OPG), one of the companies responsible for gaming ratepayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars.

In total, nine companies, including OPG, bilked ratepayers for over $260 million in ineligible expenses, much of which has never been paid back.

“We know OPG was gaming the system at the same time hydro rates were skyrocketing, seniors were getting their power disconnected, and families were afraid to open their hydro bills,” said Brown.

“How did the government respond? They ignored warning after warning after warning, and then they rewarded the former CEO of OPG with a bonus worth half a million dollars,” added Brown.

Tom Mitchell, OPG’s CEO from 2009 to 2015, was awarded a $563,000 bonus in 2016 – the year after he retired.

“A half a million dollar bonus while the system was being played like a fiddle. Who signed off on the half a million dollar bonus while OPG bilked the system and stole from ratepayers?” asked Brown.

Brown called on the Wynne Liberals to ensure ratepayers are re-paid the outstanding costs by December 31st.


  1. This is what government officials do. It’s a large spider web of bribes and payoffs to friends and family. They don’t care if you’re angry. You’re happy to have your rights and freedoms taken away every day. That’s what Canada is now……..a society of sheep. Sheep get sheered then eaten!

    • Canada is comprized of the people who ran from issues rather than confront them from every part of the world. It is our DNA. This will not change. Sheering and sautéing is the liberal motto.

  2. Why am I not surprised??? There seems to be no buck stopping at the WYNNE door. There are no consequences in place. Wynne pretty much just shrugs her shoulders and moves on.

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