160 cadets competing this weekend in the Sault


NOA Cadet Biathlon

“I feel a lot better about my skiing after working hard on my cardio training”, said Kaylee Marcil a fifth year competitor in this weekends Northern Ontario Area Cadet Biathlon.

Kaylee a member of the local 2310 Army Cadet Biathlon team, will be competing along with local 46 Sea and 155 Air Cadet Biathlon teams and other Sea Army and Air cadets from across Northern Ontario.

Kaylee Marcil
Kaylee Marcil practicing standing shooting skills at the Rod and Gun Club range. Photo by Capt. Roy Harten

One of her goals is to advance to the Regional Cadet Biathlon and being introduced this year is standing shooting, “which I have been trying to practice the balance and control required to shoot accurately”, Kaylee stated.

The male and female athletes are aged 12 to 18 years of age and will represent their communities from Kapuskasing, Pembroke to Red Lake.

They all have their sights set to participate in this Olympic-style competition which is the Second of Four Stages and will consist of athlete’s cross-country skiing 1-2 km loops through the challenging terrain of Sault Ste. Marie, and shooting .22-calibre rifles at falling-plate targets in the range stadium.

The races started today at 10:30 and run until 3.00 pm and Sunday from 10:30 to 12:30 pm, with medal presentations shortly after.

Marcus practices breathing and other skills
Marcus practices breathing and other skills while aiming down range photo by Capt. Roy Harten

Marcus Decherbo said that he enjoys the shooting while using the skills required on the range, and the challenge of skiing the course in the fastest time possible.  He is a first year biathlete with the 155 Air Cadets.

Makayla Buswa also a first year, along with sister Harmony Buswa, will be competing in her third biathlon have also been practicing on the range and ski trails.

Makayla in the fore ground takes aim while big sister Harmony looks on Photo by Capt. Roy Harten

“My shot is not the best”, said Kalab Barkley, who is a member of 46 Sea cadets, “So I have been working on this by working on my breathing where I try to slow the breaths down after skiing the course”.

Skiing in the relay with Kalab will be Josh Socchia who has been working on his marksmanship skills by attending weekly indoor air rifle range practices at the Sault Ste Marie Armoury.

Kalab Barkley and Josh Socchia
Kalab Barkley and Josh Socchia finish a successful day at the range. Photo by Capt. Roy Harten

Skiing at his sixth area biathlon, Derrick Rouleau a member of the 46 Sea Cadets said “I have been working out on the hills in both dry land and skiing to improve cardio”.

He is aiming to advance to the Provincial Biathlon Competition held here at the Rod and Gun Club on Feb 9th and 10th. “Last year I placed second overall, and this year I am working to earn a Gold Medal in both the Area and Regionals. My shooting score is regularly four out of five and the occasional five for five. I am hoping to be a member of Team Ontario at the National Cadet Biathlon”

The Nationals will be held in Val Cartier, Quebec March 07-11th 2018 and will feature the top cadets in Canada.

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