City may rename Foster Drive as well as other big decisions


City Council is meeting to start the new year this Monday and one of the items on the agenda is renaming Foster Drive.

Because of a petition brought forth to council, local citizens want to rename Foster Drive to Heritage Drive because it leads up to the flags that represent the history of Sault Ste. Marie.

Four properties would be impacted because of the name change, the Roberta Bondar Place, Roberta Bondar Marina, Legends Restaurant and the Civic Centre.

City staff is going to give council two options:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Support the name change and consult the property owners, if favourable, implement the change.

Loss of Policing to Prince Township

An agreement for city police to also police Prince Township has fallen apart recently.

The agreement that started back in 2014 and provided revenue for the city from Prince Township is coming to an end because Prince has found another option, the OPP.

It is not clear why the OPP is a better option, maybe it was cheaper, but the city of Sault Ste. Marie stands to lose $215,000 in 2019 because of the decision. This will negatively impact the 2019 budget as the city will need to look for further revenue to make up for the loss or make more cutbacks.

Splash Pad Donations

The splash pad committee has developed a donation package that they are looking for council to adopt.

The donation package has different levels, blue, bronze, silver, and gold and range in donation amounts.

Any donation reaching the lowest, blue, level of $1,000 will receive a letter of thank you from the city and acknowledgement on the city’s website.

They will also receive recognition on a wall dedicated to the splash pad donations located in Bellevue Park. Each donation over a thousand dollars will be cited on the wall under their corresponding level of donation.


  1. Renaming Foster Drive will mean thousands upon thousands of dollars in changing addresses on things like stationary, phone books, online database listings, cheques, brochures, company directories, business cards, updating all accounts payables and receivables, etc. The time and money involved in this change would be an irresponsible use of funds for the city and any business on that street. I would 100% be against this move.

    On the other hand, where the flags are, can be a single larger, two-sided street sign that can say Heritage Walk or Heritage Way or Heritage Lane or Heritage Circle (or something of the sort), to label the flag area and the circular walkway and laneway that runs around the flags and/or toward City Hall and into the gazebo and garden area, toward the water. It can be positioned to be visible beside the flags and run perpendicular to Foster Drive, on that curvy corner of the road.

    This way, only a sign is required to give the flag area an additional designation, without the extensive work to change addresses. When Canada Post changed the postal code on our street, it took us months to change our postal code for all of our mail. Changing an address would be a disastrous and wasteful use of time and money.

  2. To Holly Dawn; Perhaps making the old Sears into an indoor splash-pad and/or waterpark would be a better idea as it would be used for more than the couple of months a year an outdoor splash-pad would be used.
    We used to have a splash-pad and the city removed it over insurance issues I assume. We won’t even allow kids to climb an old train engine because of a fear of being sued. Just think of how many lawsuits are going to come out of this proposed splash-pad.

  3. You need to get the facts straight before commenting. Essar Steel paid for the name to be on the arena – already. So their defaulting on taxes is irrelevant.

    • It matters not when they owe the city 30 million dollars.
      Anything they did prior to that is null and void.
      The mayor said he was going to have the name changed, but he is sleeping on the job.

  4. How about trying to attract another huge department store to fill the former Sears store , so everyone has more of an option to shop other than Walmart , and that would create more jobs in the city , instead of being concerned about a street name . Looking for another good quality department store to fill the old Sears space would be a better use of time

  5. Number one priority is to give our arena back it’s rightful name.
    Essar has defaulted on ten’s of millions of dollars that they owe, so, what are you waiting for? Get those ugly, maddening signs off of there that make people’s blood boil every time they look at them.

    • Its simple Ted Cameron… Essar has paid the advertising money for the essar center as far as I am aware so the city is legally required to provide what they have paid for till the contracts end… You are trying to mix taxes in as one big thing, taxes are separate, thus why they can’t change the name.

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