City staff says it will take 3 years for traffic to change on Albert


After Saultonline published numerous videos of the two biggest traffic collision prone intersections of Albert and Andrew and Albert and Gore Streets and city councilor Lou Turco’s efforts to bring back the traffic lights to those intersections, city staff said it would take three years before drivers would respond to the traffic signs that are there currently.

It may seem ludicrous to the residents of the area affected as there has been dozens of collisions at both intersections since the removal of the traffic lights, but it was a notion that city councilor Matthew Shoemaker brought up.

He used the Conmee and Carmen’s Way intersection as an example and staff agreed that it took 3 years for drivers to respect the changes there.

The fall of 2016 was when the traffic lights were removed on Albert and Andrew and Albert and Gore Streets.

On August 21, 2017, extra large stop signs were installed with starburst signs indicating the stop signs were also installed as well as the large painted letters on the roadways.

Council agreed with the exception of Matthew Shoemaker that more information from staff was needed as to what can be done at these two treacherous intersections.



  1. The issue is that Albert St is an east bound artery for people driving from the west end along Wellington. The stop signs should go the other way. (That said, ideally Wellington should be 2 way all through town but that’s whole different can of worms)

    It’s easy to run or come close to running a stop sign when it’s in a less than intuitive spot. Does it excuse running it? Nope. But it is TERRIBLE design having a stop sign in the middle of an artery.

    And I will tell you visibility sucks and I drive a truck. Creeping up until you’re practically in a position to get clipped is a workaround and not a sound solution. I end up going south onto bay (imagine what would happen if they shrank Bay/made it 2 way :P) and avoid it all together.

      • Intelligent people don’t deal in generalizations. The brain is a funny thing. Instinct, intuition and habit influence us to varying degrees. It has little to do with not understanding.

        And as intelligent as you think you are, provided you actually drive regularly, I guarantee that at one point in your life you will run a stop sign. Glass houses and stones.

        That said, the ability to stop was besides the point. The stop sign is POOR CITY PLANNING. It was done to appease a small group of people. Put a stop sign on 17 and remove the stop sign from St Joe’s Island for example. It doesn’t take a genius to predict that accidents will rise until people get used to the change.

  2. Leave it alone but DO NOT allow parking on the west side of Gore street near this intersection as it blocks the view of parties coming up Gore street and the ones at the stop sign on Albert trying to see down Gore as well.
    It was a dumb move putting parking spaces there.

  3. If you put the lights back…the same people whom can’t understand the big stop signs…will sure not understand the lights….people are just not paying attention on the road….leave it alone …

    • people dont pay attention or are too much in a rush – there are two stops signs and big letter that is on the ground. people had well over 6 months to get use to it…lights are not needed people need to make a COMPLETE stop and stop taking chances – cant see…creep up…we are taught that in drivers ed

  4. I say put them back now before someone gets killed. I guess that they are always right and no one, no, no one is going to tell them what to do. They sometimes agree with the public on some things like not taking away one sidewalk on a street but an important issue like this they are going to do what they want. Don’t forget people, this is an election year and if someone gets seriously hurt or killed, you know what to do.

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