Council wants the low-down on warming shelters


City council, in particular Matthew Shoemaker and Rick Niro, want the low down on warming shelters for Sault Ste. Marie from staff Monday.

Because of the unexpected cold snap that has affected residents traveling on foot from one place to another or in the worst case, those who don’t have any place to keep warm, these two city councilors want city staff to report back with information on our current warming shelter situation and maybe if it needs improvements.

St. Vincent Place is the only local warming shelter currently listed on the internet but they are being built or requested all across the United States as the colder temperatures are reaching the south.

This request by the two councilors is focused mainly on protecting the homeless in extreme temperatures.


  1. We need more than just one!!!! People have no idea in this city just how many homeless there is in the Sault. I see it every week. People that have nothing…or maybe a place to stay but no heat or no food. It is a real issue in the Sault one that needs more than just two people looking into It.

    • Not only do we need more than one, but there needs to be more information put out about there locations, and when it`s bitterly cold the police should keep an extra lookout for people who need help, and maybe have a phone number, and pickup available, to transfer people to the warming shelters. I personally have seen people sleeping inside a bank entranceway by the ATM machines. How very sad 🙁

      • Not sure that I would say “many” empty churches and schools in the downtown area. There are five churches, and no schools. There are many empty storefronts along Queen Street, however. Several of these could be adapted as warming centres. It certainly is something that is needed.

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