Here’s something you don’t see every day…if ever!? (Video)


Joseph Skouris went fishing with his Dad Joe Dumanski, and a chubby little fella appeared on the scene and tried to steal their fish!

When Saultonline asked Skouris where they were fishing at the time, he told us with a laugh, “Oh, up in behind Echo Bay”

That’s code for… ‘I’m not telling you where our secret fishing spot is’

Watch the video to see who shows up for supper…

Short tailed Shrew tries to steal our fish and goes for a ride!! Share this video!!

Posted by Joseph Skouris on Saturday, January 20, 2018

His Dad Joe Dumanski has been fishing a lot of years and has never seen anything like it, neither has anyone else who has viewed the video.

Considering how persistent the little fella was, Dumanski said “We let the mole eat, and he had a feast, he ate all the fins and the gills”

Friends have since chimed in that it isn’t an average, every day mole, but it is in fact a Short-tailed Shrew.

Whatever the critter is, that first fish tail flick almost whipped him into next week.

Now that’s what we call a great fish tale.








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