If 2017 weather was a downer, you ain’t seen nothing yet: Environmental Defence


OTTAWA — When it comes to extreme weather, 2018 has a throwdown message for last year’s show of hurricanes, forest fires and non-stop rainfall: hold my beer.

Tim Gray, executive director of Environmental Defence Canada, says that while predicting when and where extreme weather will hit is difficult, if not impossible, he’s confident there will be even more wacky weather this year.

Gray says greenhouse gases like carbon and methane sit and gather in the earth’s atmosphere, where they trap heat as energy.

The more energy there is in the atmosphere, the more extreme weather will be on display.

What’s more, he says, while some tried to use the recent cold snap across North America as evidence that global warming does not exist, the opposite is in fact true.

Climate change, says Gray, doesn’t mean backyard barbeques in February. Rather, weather patterns of the past are being disrupted, leaving the climate more vulnerable to sudden shifts and extreme events in every direction.

The Canadian Press