Letter: Time For a Northern Voice


With the outgoing of Patrick Brown at the helm of the PC Party of Ontario, a new face and voice will be seen and heard, in Vic Fedeli. Mr. Fedeli is a long serving MPP in Nipissing, having been elected in 2011. Mr. Fedeli has a stellar record as a MPP, and was the Energy Critic, as well as the critic of Ministry of Northern Development and mines. Mr. Fedeli is also the Finance Critic, since 2013. Before entering into Provincial politics, Mr. Fedeli was Mayor of North Bay for two terms.

Under Vic Fedeli the PC Party gains an incredibly hard working Leader, who understands how both Toronto and small town Northern Ontario works. He has worked tirelessly to ensure the Liberals are held accountable for their policies, and their spending. In a time when the spending and decisions in Toronto are making life more than difficult for Northern Ontario residents, we need a Leader and Premier who understands OUR needs, and can relate to OUR problems.

When Liberal MPP’s are calling anything north of Barrie, “NO MAN’S LAND”, and making decisions based on Toronto’s needs, we will fall even further behind. We need to have a Northern Ontario based Leader of the PC Party of Ontario, and we need to have a new Premier of Ontario in that Leader, so we can be heard again in Toronto.

Parliamentary roles:

Member, Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs
PC Lead, Standing Committee on Justice
Critic, Energy (October 26, 2011 – September 30, 2013)
Critic, Finance (September 10, 2013 – present)
Leader of the Opposition in Ontario (January 26, 2018 – present)

It’s time to stop the Liberal spending, and energy contracts, CEO’s making millions while we overpay $37 Billion, and it’s time to start being heard again. Vic Fedeli is that voice speaking for OUR needs in the North, it’s time to listen.

Lyle Bailey



  1. If Doug Ford gets in a leader I am definitely going NDP.. That whole damn family is a bunch of loose cannons.. He backed his brother to the bitter end knowing full and well he was wrong, and we don’t need that kind of leadership in any party…Welcome back, Wynnie, looks like you will be a shoe-in unless Andrea gets her shit together pretty quick…..And we laugh at Trump……LOLOL…

  2. Mr Fedeli just announced he is NOT in the running to be party leader. He will only act as interim leader until an ELECTED member is chosen to head the party. I wonder if Doug Ford was part of the reason he chose not to run.

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