Like or Dislike by Mike Caruso


It is pretty evident in today’s world that the media is keying on politics, sex, and/or money, as usual.  Having said that, I decided to have three polls.

1 – With all the scandals that we are hearing about in the entertainment world, do you think that they are factual or are the complainants just taking advantage of the situation so as to gain notoriety to advance their careers?

2 – Do you like Trump or not?

In the Trump soap opera, he or someone else comes out with something new almost every day.  Do you like him and his leadership skills or not.

3 – Tim Horton’s.  Are they correct in taking away paid breaks and benefits because of the rise in the minimum wage.


  1. No comment.

    Trump is mentally ill, and needs to be impeached before he does something really stupid.

    Wynne has showed that she is less intelligent than a moron by increasing the minimum wage too much too quickly, causing mayhem across the country, and it is only just beginning. She needs to step down immediately.

  2. Timmies…….NO….if they had added 5 cents to every cup of coffee they sell in a year…they may have been able to absorb the pay increases without hurting their employees.
    Trump….NO… He is like a small child who needs immediate positive stroking on every thing he does or he will pout…NOT LEADERSHIP MATERIAL…DANGEROUS MAN .,,LIKELY WILL BE IMPEACHED.
    entertainment world….hard to tell until they go to court or settle.

  3. NO -This question has the taint of misogyny btw, Watch it Mike. How can a woman advance her career by falsely claiming she was sexually assaulted??? Will it help her career to have to testify about it too??? You are clearly tone-deaf to the #MeToo movement. Only a man would pose this question. eww



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