Local Soap Opera Heads Into Season 6


The on-going saga of community life continues with the popular locally-made TV soap opera, Tami as the show starts its sixth season on January 16th.

Heidi Ivany (left) with Tami Rydall (right) on set during recent filming of the hit local series.

The web/TV soap opera has attracted a large local following since it first started airing on Shaw TV in 2012 with a great number of people seeking small parts on the show over the last few seasons.

“We’re always looking for new actors and characters, so we’re thrilled when we get a note from viewers who want to be on the show, it’s becoming quite popular” said Co-creator, Craig Huckerby.

The show’s cast has grown to about 30 or so characters since episode 1.

“It’s sometimes hard to write in all the characters with the current storylines, but somehow we manage to fit them all in” Huckerby said.

The main plot of the series centres around internet TV sensation, Tami Rydall. Tami being the central character normally finds herself surrounded by her own family problems and those of the other characters as well.

Sherry Longo (Sally) with Tom Kovacs(Clive) on set of T

Last season, Tami’s long lost husband  who was left for dead returned to be back with his lovely wife and just as things were getting cozy Tami finds out her husband Nick had fathered a baby with Heidi, a live-in friend of Tami’s.

Nick had a troubled past and it has now caught up with him. That storyline is front and centre and so is the divorce of Claire and Mario. The on again off again couple that first started as villains on the show will now go head to head in a messy divorce, but Mario is hiding something.

Then there’s the corrupt police chief that has decided to run for Mayor. Police Chief DiAngelo has a big agenda and wants to make sure no one else is in the running for the city’s top job.

“There’s a whole bunch of things happening this season. We say good-bye to two long running characters and welcome new ones. It’s a lot of fun to watch the stories unravel” Tami Rydall, – star and co-producer of the series said.

In total, 78 episodes have been produced and all available online at SaultOnline.com.

New episodes kick off January 16th on Shaw Channel 10 at 2pm and 8pm. The show is repeated a number of times including Thursdays and Saturdays at the same time. The new episodes will also be posted Sundays on SaultOnline.com

“The show continues to get better and better from a production stand point and storylines. The actors, most don’t have any formal training, have improved and embraced their characters” Rydall said.




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