McMeeken Arena is “an unmitigated disaster”

McMeeken Centre

During city council tonight, on the discussion on the indoor ice utilization study, the 51-year-old McMeeken came under a blast by city councilor Steve Butland.

“It’s like an outdoor rink that has a roof, but the roof leaks,” said Butland about his hour and a half visit through the arena.

“There’s faults on the ice pad… the refrigeration unit is shot. The boards are no longer acceptable. The dressing rooms are no longer acceptable. The dehumidifier does not work. The heating system does not work. There is mold in that building!” he continued.

“The longer we keep it in operation, it is going to cost us a lot of money… it is a disaster. We should be building a twin-pad.”

The ice utilization study done by a third-party was accepted unanimously by council as well as the desire to look into the costs for an additional single or twin-pad arena with the possibilities of it being a community hub and additional soccer pitch.

The current peak-time use is hitting or above 90 per cent on the current city ice pads. Thus the reason for the need of the ice utilization study in the first place.

The need for peak-time has been on the rise with the addition of high school hockey as well as other needs.

We, as a city, have 25 per cent of the population using the ice, which is several percentage points above the rates of the rest of the province.



  1. But yet they continue to pay the same consulting firm to fix, repair and refix the same problems just to find more problems but 2 yrs later now this WTF.. I think the consulting firm is just milking the taxpayers. Its time to stop wasting money.

  2. This is just another example of crisis management at city hall. Funds should have been set aside each year so that when it became necessary to build more ice pads…the money would pretty much be there. Forward thinking is something this and previous councils do not have.

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