Montreal taking heat over state of sidewalks, roads after slow snow removal


MONTREAL — It’s a simple mantra in Montreal politics: win snow removal, win the day.

But these days, the city is getting an earful from residents over tardy snow removal that has left icy, snow-packed sidewalks across town.

Over the weekend, the city’s new administration issued a mea culpa after only beginning snow-removal operations on Sunday, several days after a storm.

Mayor Valerie Plante’s team lost a bet with Mother Nature after they thought a warm late-January weekend would melt the snow and save the city money.

As of today, Montreal says more than 50 per cent of the snow has been removed but a thick layer of ice remains on many sidewalks.

The City of Montreal budgets about $160 million for snow removal every year, enough for about five major snow falls.

The Canadian Press