NewsAlert: Ontario Tory Leader Patrick Brown ‘categorically’ denies ‘troubling allegations’


TORONTO — Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown says he “categorically” denies “troubling allegations” about his conduct.

A visibly emotional Brown said he was made aware of the allegations earlier on Wednesday, but he did not provide details on what those allegations are.

CTV News tweeted that two women have come forward with graphic sexual misconduct allegations against Brown.

The broadcaster said the allegations date back to when Brown was a federal MP.

The Opposition leader called a late-night news conference to make a brief statement and then left the legislature without answering any questions.

More coming.

The Canadian Press


  1. The most shocking part of this article is people actually accepting that it’s true lol. This is STANDARD election practice. They wanted him out………and sadly in Canada we don’t have democracy even within parties so this is how it’s done. Create some news…….get him to resign and the new guy can step in. Easy peasy.

    • Look up the CTV exclusive. Sounds like the evidence is clear that he, at minimum, was feeding booze to a minor, and taking her back to his private residence. Maybe he did it to tutor her? Or maybe to try to sexually assault her? The evidence clearly suggests the latter. I like blaming Wynne, but this is all Browns fault. He owns his own lack of integrity.

    • Read the accusations – not evidence. Both women were the age of majority, went to his house willingly and, admittedly, drunk. It doesn’t appear he took anything further than permitted, drove the woman home when asked, and that woman continued to work for him the following year. Very questionable how this will play out in a court of law. I will withhold judgement.

  2. What an idiot. What is wrong with these guys? It amazes me that these guys in position of power can not keep their hands and other parts to themselves. Here comes 4 more years of soaring hydro rates and loss jobs. What a let down.

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