Ontario premier accuses Tim Hortons’ founders’ children of bullying employees


TORONTO — The premier of Ontario is accusing the children of Tim Hortons’ billionaire co-founders of bullying their employees by reducing their benefits in response to the province’s increased minimum wage.

In a letter to workers at two Tim Hortons restaurants in Cobourg, Ont., Ron Joyce Jr. and Jeri Horton-Joyce said that as of Jan. 1, staff would no longer be entitled to paid breaks, and would have to pay a portion of the costs for dental and health benefits to offset the $2.40 jump in the hourly minimum wage.

Premier Kathleen Wynne says if Joyce Jr. wants to challenge the Ontario government policy, he should come directly to her and not take it out on his workers.

While the changes announced in the letter — dated December 2017 — are not a violation of Ontario’s Employment Standards Act, Wynne says she wants Joyce Jr. to reverse his decision.

The cutback in benefits and wages at the two locations, which came into effect Jan. 1, follow the rise in Ontario’s minimum wage from $11.60 an hour to $14 this week.

A Tim Hortons spokesperson has declined to comment on the letter, but said franchisees are responsible for handling all employment matters at their restaurants while complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

The Canadian Press


  1. Wynne has to be the most hated politician on Canada these days…but…do not count her out. The Conservatives may just give her the election AGAIN…like they did last time. Remember…Wynne gets a lot of votes in the GTA….enough to win without the northern vote. Heaven help us if she WYNNIES again.

  2. So the evil business owner that paid over minimum wage, provided medical benefits, paid breaks and other perks that now has to pull back on some of these because of the government decision to increase costs over 26% all at once is a bully…. hmmmmm

  3. She has a valid point concerning Tim Hortons heirs, they should be ashamed of themselves with their behavior towards employees, never enough $ for them, and takes it away from people who deserve it, lost a customer here, for sure, although I am a McCafe fan, better coffee and better lids, and right now $1….

  4. Bitch please!! You bullies everyone in Ontario in to a carbon tax among other things like teaching our young children sexual shit that is OUR JOBS AS PARENTS TO TEACH PUR CHILDREN, not some no body teacher!! You took away my RIGHTS to decide when the appropriate time is to have those conversations among my children… back off lady!! You are the only and real bully here. Shut up, sit down!!

  5. Any moron could see that increasing minimum wage by $2.40 per hour overnight is a thoughtless, brainless move and was going to have immediate repercussions. This is just the tip of the iceberg and goes to show you that Wynne is much less intelligent than a moron and needs to resign immediately, so does Trudeau who is helping drive us into the poor house deeper every passing day. The upcoming elections cannot come fast enough to rid Canada of these fools.

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