Registration for free Loblaw $25 gift card now open!


The website to register to receive a $25 Loblaw gift card has now been launched to the public.

You must be at least 18 to receive a card.  The $25 card offer is an apology gesture of sorts after a 14 year bread price-fixing scheme surfaced.

Major grocers chains allegedly colluded to fix the prices of bread from 2001 to 2015.  Loblaw Companies Limited and George Weston Limited have admitted to the Competition Bureau of Canada that they participated in the deception, along with several other grocery chains.

Considering bread is a staple, numbers are floating around as high as $1 billion in extra profit for Loblaw over more than a decade of fixing the price of packaged bread. 

Rumours swirled that by accepting the $25 gift card you will be disqualified from any future class action lawsuits.

That is not the case, Loblaw state clearly that only the value of the card will be deducted from any future compensation.

From the Loblaw Card Program website:

Agreeing to this release will not impact your right to participate in any class actions relating to an overcharge on the price of packaged bread. However, doing so will mean that twenty-five (25) dollars will be deducted from any compensation that you may otherwise be entitled to receive.

There is also a social media campaign you might want to consider. Donate your free card to our local food bank or soup kitchen. It is easy enough to do by registering your name, but using a food bank address to send it to instead of your residential address. Everything is explained clearly on the website, and you will receive your card within six weeks.

If you need more of an explainer there is a Frequently Asked Questions page: Click Here.

To register to receive your $25 gift card Click Here





    • This is why people want to get the cards and donate them like it says in the story. Point being – get as many cards out of them as possible while this (lame) offer is open. There will still be class action suits with bigger payouts in future I’m sure. But for now get the cards and cost them at least ‘some’ money for what they’ve done.

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