Snowmobilers rescue moose buried neck-deep in snow in western Newfoundland


DEER LAKE, N.L. — A group of snowmobilers pulled out their shovels to free a stuck moose after spotting a pair of antlers sticking out of freshly fallen snow in western Newfoundland.

Jonathan Anstey, who owns a snowmobile riding clinic, says he and about seven other riders were on trails near Deer Lake, N.L., on Saturday when they spotted the neck-deep moose amid the white expanse.

Anstey says the moose appeared to have gotten stuck in a bog hole and was thrashing around after being buried in about six feet, or 1.8 metres, of snow.

He says his group used shovels to clear the snow around the moose, and after a few minutes of digging, the animal emerged from the hole and looked at them as if to say “thank you” before trotting off.

He says it isn’t uncommon for adventurers to come across moose in sticky situations while exploring Newfoundland’s back-country, but he would advise them to contact provincial officials rather than taking matters into their own hands.

Anstey says it’s the second time he has tried to rescue a moose, but he doesn’t consider himself a moose rescuer so much as a snowmobiler doing his duty to protect local wildlife.

The Canadian Press