Splash pad is set to be built in the spring


After the Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore made their generous donation towards the splash pad Monday night at city council, council talked very briefly about the subject.

The city wanted the public to be made aware that the splash pad project in Bellevue Park is going ahead as planned although it is $400,000 short.

Council believes that the outstanding Trillium grant announcement and other donations from the community will fall in place to bring the project up to its funding goal.

The splash pad committee has developed a donation package.

The donation package has different levels, blue, bronze, silver, and gold and range in donation amounts.

Any donation reaching the lowest, blue, level of $1,000 will receive a letter of thank you from the city and acknowledgement on the city’s website.

They will also receive recognition on a wall dedicated to the splash pad donations located in Bellevue Park. Each donation over a thousand dollars will be cited on the wall under their corresponding level of donation.


  1. If the city doesn`t receive the additional funding that they hope to receive I suppose the tax payers will have to make up the difference. Would it not be much wiser to secure all funding before beginning a project ?

    • That is not the point, common sense dictates you don`t start a project until you have secured the funding, and don`t expect the taxpayers to take care of any shortfall. Taxes keep going up P.U.C. wants to raise their rates, cost of living keeps going up the city needs to be fiscally responsible.

    • That is not the point, taxes going up , PUC wants to raise they`re rates, cost of living constantly on the rise. It is only common sense for the City to secure the funding before starting a project, and not leave it up to taxpayers to take care of any shortfall. The City should show some fiscal responsibility, unlike our largest employer Essar.

  2. They may think Bellevue park is the most suitable place for a splash pad but what if anything can they do about the thousands of seagulls, geese and ducks and the resulting huge amounts of feces and urine that they will be polluting it with continuously?

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