The most dangerous intersection downtown? (12 Videos)


Back in 2016 a plan was hatched to revitalize Gore St. The project was dubbed  ‘Transform Gore’.  The road was redone from Queen St. to Wellington St., raised crosswalks of brick were added at intersections along with some buildings being demolished to add parking.

The traffic flow was analyzed and the decision was made to remove the traffic lights at the Gore St. and Albert St. intersection.

Now motorists on Gore St. have the right of way, from Queen St. through to Wellington St.

A new stop sign was installed for the east bound traffic on Albert St.

Has the removal of the traffic lights resulted in creating the most dangerous intersection downtown?

Business owners tell Saultonline there are sometimes two collisions a day.

Below are a selection of twelve videos of the intersection taken since the revitalization project was completed.

The video below is hard to see, but there is a pick-up truck travelling east on Albert that is obscured by the height of the bus. If you watch a second time you will be able to see the truck before the collision.

Note on the video below how the momentum forces the car right up onto the sidewalk.

The video below shows another example of how momentum of a collision can propel a vehicle to go airborne over the snowbank, landing on the pedestrian sidewalk.

Below is defensive driving at it’s best folks!




  1. The city needs to put in one of those LED flashing red lights (there are many of these installed at existing 4 way stops in town) in order to catch drivers attention. Yes one can make the argument that drivers need to pay more attention but the fact remains, the changes to traffic flow in the Albert Gore street area has been altered by the removal of traffic lights resulting in far more accidents. Put in one of those lights, it requires no electrical connections, city needs to sink a 6 by 6 inch post on the corner attach an LED flashing red light and the stop sign. If it cuts down on the number of accidents then it has proven its worth.

  2. If you drive up from the mall, we already have 4 sets of traffic lights, why do we need to be stopping every 20 ft per say. If people would pay attention to stop signs and dont assume that this is a four way stop. Perhaps police should start handing out tickets to those failing to stop and give right of way.

  3. This is the part where I shake my head and just see drivers NOT paying attention stop blaming other things. Now if there were a major obstruction causing.people to creep out for a better visual to proceed then I can say hey remove the obstruction ..but such isn’t the case.

  4. Why not just put in two more stop signs and make it a 4-way stop? Obviously putting the lights back is a way better solution but I think making it a 4-way stop would definitely make things a lot better.

    • Yellow light is the equivalent to a red except that those behind the wheel think it means speed up and race the light. Laws are there for a reason, idiots. I can guarantee that 95% of the people posting on here break as many traffic laws (some not as serious as not stopping at signs/lights) as in the videos but have not been in a collision so they think they are in the right.I sit at the bus stops (yeah, I am qualified about traffic law breakers) and count how many run amber lights: 2 out of 50 cars, typically, stop on yellow while the other race/run it. I could make a list of the laws hypocrites break.

  5. I was one these “accidents” in Oct full T-Bone vehicle was wrote off! And 3 times now I have had near misses! Nothing is getting better. It’s happening every day. So now I won’t go anywhere near there! I will avoid it if it means me driving 12 extra blocks. Which hurts the businesses there. I know I won’t ever go to one. Just my thoughts.

    • no kidding, but they’e both one way streets and they only had to look one way. Astounding how there are accidents at the most simple of intersections.

    • Lol!!!

      “The video below shows another example of how momentum of a collision can propel a vehicle to go airborne over the snowbank, landing on the pedestrian sidewalk”

      Didn’t have anything to do with the guy pinning it and completely panicking when his rear fender was bumped, and airborne, come on … 😂

  6. Does anyone remember Carmen’s Way & Conmee? Similar discussion occurred. And now look at it, collisions very much decreased. People can’t handle change. What do you do when you travel and have to drive in a new city?

    • Tell that to the drivers who do not bother giving right of way to pedestrians at the Pim street island at Mcnabb. Not one driver obeys the yield sign there and police do not a thing about the law. Why? Because they are just as ignorant as the drivers by a) doing it themselves and (b just ignoring the fact.

  7. Its not dangerous. Those stop signs have been there since the lights came out. Simple pay attention and look both ways. Don’t try to beat the car coming if it’s to close. Putting the lights back up would be the “simple” solution for those who don’t pay attention or don’t care to pay attention. Accidents due happen but there is no excuse to run those stop signs now. Its been long enough that they have been put in place there.

    • Rushing, not paying close enough attention. There are clear stop signs there. They are not hidden at all.
      I see people fly through there playing Russian roulette to not have to wait an extra 30 seconds for the car driving up gore to pass.
      The city even wrote STOP AHEAD on the road prior to the snow even falling. It is clear people are failing to pay attention and or stop all together. Even with cars parked on either side of the road you can still see clear enough if vehicles are coming.
      If people haven’t figured out that you have to stop at that intersection by now even though it is clearly marked STOP On both sides of the road before crossing gore then they shouldn’t be driving or avoid that intersection all together.
      It is common sense, you have vehicles that are driving up gore street to Wellington st lights, you have to wait to make sure it is clear before you drive.
      Same as pedestrians, you can’t just walk in the road while traffic is moving and expect not to get hit. Although some do and some do get hit. Common sense

    • Where are the cops giving the tickets to those doing this? City police ignore 95% of traffic violations done right in front of them. Of course, drivers bitch about those breaking laws but do not bother taking stock of all the laws they break daily due to them being “inconvenient” or “dumb”.

  8. Albert is the primary street coming from the West and with the new scheme of things they put stop signs on St Andrews where Albert changes to one way, then suddenly they throw stop signs at Gore, not surprisingly confusing people with the low visual signals as Alan Dunphy says in his comment. Under the circumstances, I’d have expected Albert to be the main thoroughfare.
    Maybe the city should install an overhead flashing light, yellow for the through street and red on the other like some other intersections.

  9. I don’t see any videos here just a bunch of text.
    They should not allow parking on the west side of Gore street which blocks the view for vehicles approaching Albert and people on Albert at the stop sign waiting to go can’t see the vehicles approaching on Gore.
    I have almost got hit their numerous times so now avoid it altogether.

    • This right here. there wouldn’t be a problem at that intersection if there wasnt massive trucks blocking visibility parked on the side of the road. Didnt the article say they put in new parking?

  10. I don’t get it. That intersection is so straight forward. The one I find dangerous is the Korah Rd. and Douglas St. one. When traffic is parked on Korah Rd. you have to pull almost right into the intersection to see if the way is clear.

    • Actually that intersection is a very UNIQUE one as it has one way 2 lane traffic going eastbound and one way 2 lane traffic going north bound.
      A 2 way stop ( what other intersections have 4 way stops) might cause more confusion as 2 lanes one way traffic.

  11. The intersection of Albert Street and Andrew Street is equally as bad. There are days where two accidents occur. One day they were in fact only a half hour apart. One night a vehicle rolled on its side and the neighbours had to help the driver out before emergency services arrived. Just ask Greenwood’s and they can attest to the accident tally as their cameras have recorded each one. It’s become the norm for the residents in the area to hear cars impact and head to their doors and windows to see which of the two corners the accident occurred on. It’s dangerous and we have been told by councillors that nothing is going to happen, even if a serious injury were to result. They spent a lot of money to remove the lights and it would cost equally or more to replace them. So, it isn’t going to happen. The city should have thought this one through a little more. Yes, there are stop signs, but people just don’t stop. Bad drivers, yes. Dangerous for the good ones, most definitely.

  12. There is nothing wrong with the intersection….the fault is that of drivers who need to go to driving school…or at least read the drivers manual. STOP STILL MEANS STOP .

  13. Have you ever found yourself stopping at an intersection and realized that there isn’t a stop sign? It is because of the visual signals the intersection presents. This intersection does not have those visual signals, only a stop sign. I find this intersection to be very dangerous and I avoid it for that reason.

  14. the corner isnt dangerous, sometimes visibility is obscured by parked vehicles but just requires some ‘creeping’ to see down Gore. These people dont seem to know what a stop sign means. There are stop signs, there are signs saying that there are signs I’m fairly sure they’re distracted in some way.

  15. All this is showing me is that people Don’t stop at the stop sign, or yield to traffic…pay damn station people…slow down…the lights are not needed just irrsponsable drivers taking Ricks for no reason…they could have been avoided if people paid attention…sheesh

  16. Thanks Craig. I thought that I was the only one that thinks this corner is dangerous. I have contacted City Hall and they are of the belief that the occurrence of accidents will diminish within the 18 months that the study said they would.

    • Ironic that this is just steps away from the police sattellite office Neighbourhood resource centre on Gore. 18 months of smack ups? Wow this seems downright negligent on behalf of the city. Someone told me there were 55 collisions there in 2017….some of these videos are 2018!

    • So City Hall is of the belief that the occurrence of accidents will diminish within 18 months???? And how do you suggest businesses on Gore survive during this time??? They’ve suffered huge losses during the time repairs were made to the street, and now people are avoiding Gore altogether. Businesses on Gore have cameras. They’ve recorded over 55 accidents.If we are to leave it the way it is, I would suggest then, a dare, a double dare if you will. I dare city councillors to take a stroll down Gore each and every day with their loved ones, children and pets until the suggested 18 months pass. We’re trying to increase business on a street where no one feels safe. Way to go Sault St. Marie!! So let’s go councilors, show your support for businesses on Gore, post some pics of you and your families strolling down the most dangerous street in the Soo. And to all others who feel the stop sign should remain, I dare you to do the same….

      • You are so right. Your hammer hit the nail on the head on every stroke. The only time you see them on Gore is when they close the street for some function.

  17. Someone innocently walking down the sidewalk with their kids is going to get killed, We should thank our lucky stars that it hasn’t happened yet! That one vid where the truck just gets clipped and goes airborne omg, how lucky was it nobody was on that sidewalk where he landed. Shutter just thinking about it.

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