The power of social media is real


A while back Saultonline columnist Doug Millroy shared his story of being adopted and his journey to find out about his birth parents.

You can read about his journey here:  Part 1 and Part 2.

If you are searching for lost family, put the power of social media to work for you.  It may sound like a silly idea or a long shot, but more and more people are finding the answers are out there just waiting to be found.

SherryLynne Jondreau, a woman living in Nanaimo BC got out a poster board and maker and wrote up some details about her birth in Sault Ste. Marie at the General Hospital during the 60’s scoop. She added details of what she knew about her birth mother in hopes of finding her.

She posted a photo of herself holding the sign (seen above) to social media and requested people share it.  It was shared over 3000 times and posted to local Sault websites.

Within two days, she found her brother and sister and her birth Mom!

SherryLynne Jondreau writes:

Thank you all so very much, I am in awe and very surprised at the support that has come from my plea… hoping to talk with my mom today, have reconnected with a brother and sister…so very blessed…whoplia.

We hope this inspires others who need closure, or answers, to not underestimate social media as a powerful tool.

Just like SherryLynne Jondreau quickly found out, your answers may be closer than you think. A couple of hours ago Jondreau posted a new photo with a simple message. “My beautiful mom”.

She is beautiful SherryLynne, congratulations! We hope your story inspires others.

Mom found by daughter on social media
“My beautiful mom”


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