Three out of four Canadians know someone with dementia


Alzheimer Society campaign aims to end stigma

It touches so many homes in every community.
Annual indoor Walk for Alzheimer’s Sunday January 28th

While awareness about dementia has increased, stigma and negative attitudes around it continue to persist. The Alzheimer Society is releasing findings of a new survey to coincide with Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in January and to kick off its new social awareness campaign

I live with dementia. Let me help you understand ­ – to spark conversations and encourage Canadians to see dementia differently.

To tackle stigma, the Alzheimer Society is letting the experts do the talking—people living with dementia who are inviting Canadians to hear their inspiring stories and take a few pointers from them on how to be open and accepting towards people with dementia.

Their stories are featured on a dedicated campaign website where visitors can help stop the stigma and also find tips on how to be more dementia-friendly, activities to test their knowledge, and other resources to take action against stigma and be better informed about a disease that has the potential to impact every single one of us.

Some of the survey results

Canadians believe that people with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia are likely to

  • be ignored or dismissed (58%)
  • be taken advantage of (57%)
  • have difficulty accessing appropriate services or supports (56%)
  • feared or met with distrust or suspicion (37%).

The annual indoor Walk for Alzheimer’s will be held at White Pines Secondary School on Sunday, January 28th. Registration is at 12, and the Walk starts at 1pm. Participants will enjoy a fun filled afternoon while raising Alzheimer Awareness and funds to support programs and services that are provided at no cost to local people with dementia and their caregivers so that they can live better today, and have the tools to cope with the changes of tomorrow.

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