Will they finally put the traffic lights back on Albert Street?


After the overwhelming amount of traffic accidents that have happened on Albert Street at Gore and Andrew, city council is again looking into the matter on Monday.

Based on an earlier article on SaultOnline.com deeming them possibly the two most dangerous intersections in the city, we have received much feedback on the situation.

Councilors Lou Turco and Ozzie Grandinetti are heading the discussion on Monday at city council.

Neighbors in the area are quite upset since the removal of the traffic lights at both intersections.

Turco’s desire to look into the matter has been shot down by council in the past but might now receive some attention as after the dozens of accidents at both intersections, there were three in one day this month.


  1. I got nailed at that intersection someone ran the stop sign as I was heading north on Gore St., drivers don’t pay attention in this city and always got to be first when driving they think they are getting a trophy for being first (bunch of losers)

  2. It is common practice to follow the laws of the road. Every licensed driver should be aware to stop at stop signs. The sad truth is that drivers in this city don’t do that at these intersections. It may be plain stupidity or that they keep forgetting that lights are no longer there or they assume it’s the other direction that is to stop. Or maybe they think it’s an all way and so they stop them go. That being said, yes signs should be followed but is it fair to good drivers to be hit every time because of the neglectful? Lights would just make it safer. That’s all we want in the area is safety.

  3. If a driver has a current Ontario drivers license the fact that a intersection has signs or trafic lights should make no difference. All drivers should know how to handle the intersection

  4. City council, and staff are well aware that this is a problem intersection that has increased in accidents since they chose to remove the lights. Maybe they should be held to some account every time there is a collision. They have received many complaints and have continued to ignore them.
    I have been in the area and seen firetrucks with lights and sirens going down Gore Street. Even with the right of way they slow down when approaching this spot, watching for people running the stop signs. Good job Council. Election year is upon us.

  5. I drove through there this morning and saw the stop sign and came to a safe stop with no accident!
    I don’t see what the big issue is!
    How many accidents at the corner of Commnee and Carmen’s way happened the first year Carmen’s way was open!?
    They still haven’t done anything There!!!!
    This city always complains about wasting money, well here is another example!

  6. Maybe if people actually paid more attention to the road and other vehicles and not busy being distracted drivers… I have never had an issue ONCE with those two intersections. When you are not sure you proceed with caution, not barrel through like some moronic newbie driver unaware of things around them!! Get a clue people before you’re car insurance is so damn high you can’t pay, or before you seriously harm someone other than yourself and your own family!!!

  7. I would say just put a flashing red light with the stop signs. Why is it that when the light was removed at the intersection west of the Wendy’s restaurant there were few accidents? I don’t believe traffic volume warrants a full traffic light. More enforcement of traffic violations are required in the city. Periodic blitzes of traffic violations should be created. With the terrible drivers in this city they would be a cash cow

  8. You would think with the number of accidents that have happened….more people would be aware that it’s a bad intersection and regardless if u are driving down Gore or Albert…you would slow down to make sure nothing is coming at you.
    If a traffic light isn’t feasible….why not put up the flashing red light that hangs above the street at the intersection then?

  9. The thing I don’t get is there used to be lights and now there’s a stop sign, so at one point of another no matter what you would have had to stop going east on Albert, so why now that there is a stop sign people are crashing? It’s not cause of the change in traffic lights to signs, it’s cause drives aren’t paying enough attention! Did they run the lights there when it was red? No. So get your [email protected]&$ together and pay attention when you’re driving. I’ve stopped at that east bound sign many times before and you have a clear view of Gore street north bound traffic there’s no excuse.

  10. It used to be a normal intersection, yes there was an occasional accident as there is city wide.
    Now it has become one of the most dangerous intersection in city.
    What changed ? Who changed it should take responsibility! Fix the problem—

  11. After sleeping on it last night, I think maybe City Hall will go the cheap route and build an Under/overpass. Increase employment and make it safe at the same time, lol.

    • Just because some people don’t realize or see there is a stop sign there does not mean they are dumb you ever hear of maybe someone travelling through the city and they accidentally didn’t see yet that’s why they call it accidents not dumb people

    • Nope it’s dumb. Going to another city and running stop signs is dumb. Besides that I’d wager 99% of the people doing it are local. If you’re too stupid to see warning signs as well as two stop signs before blowing through, you have no business behind the wheel of a vehicle.

  12. Are we talking about TRAFFIC LIGHTS (a traffic control device) or STREET LIGHTS (which light up a dark roadway)? There seems to be confusion between the headline and the article itself?
    Why will putting the traffic lights back in place help? If drivers aren’t stopping for the STOP sign, are they more likely to stop for a red light? There are numerous collisions at Bay and Brock, and it has traffic lights in place. Maybe the problem is inattentive, careless drivers?

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