A big splash at the annual Polar Brrrrrrrr swim! (photos & video)


Saultites know that the Annual Bon Soo Polar Bear Swim is not for the faint of heart.


This 55th year of Bon Soo saw a great turn out of participants and spectators alike. Snow showers, flurries, windchill and -11 is no joke – but us Northerners have no fear of the harsh winter elements.

Participants of all ages dressed up, dressed down, bucked up and braved the cold to show their Sault pride! Families and friends cheered on their loved ones and big wet hugs were shared all around.

2018 Polar Bear Swim Participants

Name Years Jumping Hometown
Brian Pollari 47 Sault, ON
Ron Hann 45 Goulais, ON
Robin McDonald 38 Sault, ON
Marty Palahnuk 15 Sault, ON
Yuliya Kubin 15 Sault, ON
Bill Vanderleest 12 Sault, ON
Alecia Hemphill 10 Sault, ON
Sonny Spina 10 Sault, ON
Keith Gagnon 7 Sault, ON
Olga Barniak 6 Sault, ON
Sara Ingram 6 Sault, ON
Jill Esposito 5 Sault, ON
Melissa Leonard 5 Sault, ON
Sam Aho 5 Sault, ON
Debbie Romano 4 Sault, ON
Robert Drolet 4 Sault, ON
Rebecca Commanda 3 Serpent River, ON
Andrew Stripay 2 Sudbury, ON
Anna Smith 1 Curtis, ON
Clarissa Seifarth 1 Windsor, ON
Evan Currie 1 Sault, ON
Aaron Waltz 0 Sault, ON
Andriy Kubin 0 Sault, ON
Annika Lane 0 Sault, ON
Ashley Skoris 0 Sault, ON
Brad Gregorini 0 Sault, ON
Bruna Costa Piau 0 Brazil
Carter Mcphail 0 Flint, MI
Charles Elder 0 Sault, ON
Cheryl Schultz 0 Sault, ON
Cheryl Zinn 0 Sudbury, ON
Cole Bertolussi 0 Sault, ON
Colton Cicchini 0 Sarnia, ON
Craig Sim 0 Brampton, ON
Elliot Dawson 0 Goulais, ON
Georgia Cameron 0 Sault, ON
Graham Dube 0 Sault, ON
Greg Masicotte 0 Sault, ON
Jennifer Inglish 0 Sault, ON
Jessica Goodmurphy 0 Sault, ON
Kari Aube 0 Sault, ON
Kayley Hannusch 0 Cambridge, ON
Luke Cloutier 0 Sault, ON
Maggie Niro 0 Sudbury, ON
Maja Wetzl 0 Sault, ON
Matt Vanderspank 0 Belmont
Mitchell Fillmore 0 Sault, ON
Molly Taylor 0 Sault, ON
Morgan Bowes 0 Sault, ON
Muna Anadukadir 0 Toronto, ON
Nancy Barber 0 Lindsay, ON
Nicholas Larmond 0 Sault, ON
Nicole Slukynsky 0 Sault, ON
Phil Nelson 0 Sault, ON
Rebecca Goodmurphy 0 Wawa, ON
Roger Keen 0 Kitchener, ON
Shane Branchato 0 Chicago, IL
Stijh Obori 0 Switzerland
Tanya Headrick 0 Sault, ON
Taylor Darling 0 Sault, ON
Taylor Hall 0 Perth, ON
Teyah Schofield 0 Sault, ON
Thomas Leckey 0 Sault, ON
William Tsakopoulos 0 Sault, ON

Bon Soo’s final day this year was celebrated with the polar bear swim, ATV rides, the dog pull, Sault College Pow Wow, and the Passport to Unity. There is still time to check it all out before the day’s end!